And the winner is……

Kayla Marie Blevins!!  Congratulations!!!! 

Please check your email for more information.

Thanks to all of you who participated.  I really appreciate the continuous love and support from each of you for Itoja.

The goal for Itoja is to always be the voice for the voiceless.  It is to also share experiences of life that others may be able to relate to on some level.  This is our life–we only get one so we’re making the best out of it and choosing to learn from it.  We also choose to enjoy laughter, love, and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable.  It is here where I hope that we all can grow together.

Sooooooooo, continue to follow along with me as we ride out the next 6 months.  Send me your suggestions, your questions, and any entrepreneurs that you would like to be featured on the blog!!