Every year we take my grandmother to the casino for a ladies weekend trip.  My grandmother, my mother, two aunts, my sister, and of course, yours truly: ME!  Going to the casino is one of my grandmothers favorite things to do.  So we always make sure she gets to enjoy that at least once a year.

Last October, we visited the newly MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino in Oxon Hill, MD.  It was a mild fall day filled with lots of clouds and “ching-ching” as the slot machines had no time for break.

After hours of attempting to win money, we figured we better get something to eat.  As we explored the beautiful hotel and stores we made our way outside to a beautiful water show.

Take a look:

img_2193An outside entrance to the MGM.  My grandmother and I had curb side services as my family let us off at the door.  My grandmother has a hard time walking due to her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) so we reserved an electric chair for her.  I’m always with grandma.  I’m the first-born grandchild so we’ve been rolling together for many years.

img_2203At first we thought it was a big pool of water or a wishing well.  Then the waterworks began.

img_2204 And it grew…..

img_2205And it grew more; with background pictures changing as well.

img_2217Before we knew it the water was as tall as the picture.

Oh this is just me, enjoying the waterworks and spending time with family.  This year we are taking our annual ladies trip a few months early.  Grandma turns 80 in June and she has requested to spend her weekend at the casino.

Grandma has given so much to her family that it is our pleasure to give back to her.  When you live a great life and for others your investment is always returned back unto you.

This blog was inspired by this weeks Photo Challenge: Liquid