Checking In

Hey Friends,

I know this is an impromptu post, but I wanted to check-in to see how each of you were doing.  Strong friends need to be checked on from time to time as well.

Life is currently kicking my butt.  On my big girl job, we switched to a new system and it’s a lot slower than what we had before; leaving us 24K accounts behind. We’ve been on mandatory overtime for over a month now and although the money is good, I’m feeling every bit of it.  Lets not forget that I also have a part-time job and a family to tend to.  Ugh!

I’m also not feeling my best physically.  I haven’t been able to workout in over a month.  That is not good.  As a curvy girl, working-out is a necessity.  I may be thick but I need to make sure everything stays in the proper place.  And no, I have not been eating all my veggies.  So I’m trying to at least stay on top of my water.  I need to go to Urgent Care too because my sinuses are not giving up.

I’m adulting big time these days but it’ll all pay off later, I’m sure.  What’s that motto?  Work Hard; Play Hard or Work Now; Play Later?  Whatever it is, that’s what I’m living by at the moment!

So that’s just a quick update on me.  If you’re out here adulting like myself, hang in there.  There’s light at the end of the tunnel and remember you are not alone.

What’s been going on in your life?  Check in and please share.