Question of The Day – The Measure of Life

I wanted to do something different than my typical Saturday post.  Therefore, this Saturday, I want to present to you all a question of the day!

Today’s question is:

How should we measure life?  Should it be by achievements?  Memories?  Years?  Or something else?

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Q&A: Are you addicted to Labels?

Q:  I think I’m addicted to designer labels.  From Ferragamo, to Chanel, Tom Ford, Burberry, and Gucci; to name a few.  I did manage to go 62 days without shopping or buying clothes, but I recently messed up.  My girlfriend said she thinks my addiction stems from not having any kids and that’s how I supplement my void.  What do you think?

A:  If whatever you’re buying is within your means and you can afford it and you’re not using bill money or maxing out credit cards; I don’t see that as being addicted to shopping.  You’re not going through extreme measures that will cause significant consequences in order to supply your habit.  You may just love to shop and really love the finer things in life; such as designer labels.  Many of us enjoy the attention we get from wearing designer labels, which I don’t think anything is really wrong with that.  Many of us enjoy dwelling in luxury and being fashion-forward.  The saying, “you get what you pay for”, is really true.  On the flip side, I do believe that there are moments when shopping provides retail therapy and the thought or idea of buying something new is an instant spirit booster.  Perhaps, if this is happening more than usual, you may want to identify the reason(s) why you’re requiring so much “retail” therapy and address the root of that situation.  But just normal shopping, whether designer or not, I don’t think you have any worries..

Can anyone else provide some insight for this dear reader?  Do you think you’re addicted to shopping or buying designer labels?

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Super Bowl Sunday: Question of the Day

I promise I want hold you long.   I know it’s Super Bowl Sunday and that you have things to do.  Yes, I do too!  So real quick.  I just have this one question.  Because in life we celebrate every occasion with food.  So today’s question is…….

Do you prefer Flats or the Drum when you eat chicken wings? Or do you not care?

I’m a flats girl!  All day; everyday.

Let me know your answer and get back to your Super Bowl activities!


Did you learn ANYTHING this year?

It’s the last day of the year and I don’t particularly care for resolutions.  They never last and to me it’s always geared towards the negative aspects of your life that you would like to make better.

To do something a little different, answer this question:

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in 2017 was__________________________________?

Lets use what we have learned this year as a driving force to carry us into 2018 and beyond!

Finally, I pray you all have a blessed and prosperous New Year!   (Pops Champagne)

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Think About This!

How can someone tell you, that something about you, isn’t of God?  If it is something dealing with me, I do believe that God would tell me specifically instead of telling you.  I do have a relationship with Him!

When people are unhappy with themselves they will try to bring you down with them.  DON’T LET THEM!



QOD- Question of the Day

What is your greatest Fear?

For me, my greatest fear is not being successful.  In order to reverse my fear, I try to take more risk, allowing myself room for failure by not being so hard on myself.  Deep down, I know it’s best to have tried and failed then to not have tried at all.

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