Begins with S…

That would be SNOW!

This weekend in Southwest Virginia, snow began to fall early Sunday morning and it snowed the entire day with strong bands of snow here and there.  It snowed so much that in just one day, we accumulated 14 inches of snow.  The most snow that has ever fallen in one single day for our area during the month of December.

Living in Virginia you are bound to experience all seasons and all types of weather.  Our Summers are really hot and humid and our winters can be brutally cold at times.  Growing up, I remember missing weeks of school at a time due to snow blizzards that hammered our town.

Due to global warming snow storms have been “hit and miss” over the past few years.  If you enjoy the snow and just having a reason to be stuck in the house, this “hit and miss” action has become frustrating.  I’ve seen snow up to my waist and then I’ve also seen meteorologist forecast snow storms and there’s only a dusting on the road.

Oh but this year, the snow came early and it came hard; thankfully we had already made our grocery store run so we didn’t have to worry about going out in the snow.  It’s always better to watch the snow from the window than to have to actually be out in it.  Every few hours my daughter would go outside with her ruler to do her measurements and indeed the snow was rising by the hour.

Of course, the only bad part about the snow is when you are forced to go out in it.  If you’re unfamiliar with Virginia or Southwest Virginia for that matter, we are surrounded by mountains (check out MY HIKE this past Summer to get a view of the mountains where I live).  The Valley consist of hills and turns that no one should have to travel during inclement weather.  However, places of employment still expect you to be at work even when there’s 14 inches of snow on the ground. Talk about frustration.

Anyway, how is the weather in your neck of the woods?  Be sure to share in the comments below.  And if you’re approaching Winter (yup, we had a fall snow storm) like we are…be sure to keep warm and check on the elderly.




Every year we take my grandmother to the casino for a ladies weekend trip.  My grandmother, my mother, two aunts, my sister, and of course, yours truly: ME!  Going to the casino is one of my grandmothers favorite things to do.  So we always make sure she gets to enjoy that at least once a year.

Last October, we visited the newly MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino in Oxon Hill, MD.  It was a mild fall day filled with lots of clouds and “ching-ching” as the slot machines had no time for break.

After hours of attempting to win money, we figured we better get something to eat.  As we explored the beautiful hotel and stores we made our way outside to a beautiful water show.

Take a look:

img_2193An outside entrance to the MGM.  My grandmother and I had curb side services as my family let us off at the door.  My grandmother has a hard time walking due to her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) so we reserved an electric chair for her.  I’m always with grandma.  I’m the first-born grandchild so we’ve been rolling together for many years.

img_2203At first we thought it was a big pool of water or a wishing well.  Then the waterworks began.

img_2204 And it grew…..

img_2205And it grew more; with background pictures changing as well.

img_2217Before we knew it the water was as tall as the picture.

Oh this is just me, enjoying the waterworks and spending time with family.  This year we are taking our annual ladies trip a few months early.  Grandma turns 80 in June and she has requested to spend her weekend at the casino.

Grandma has given so much to her family that it is our pleasure to give back to her.  When you live a great life and for others your investment is always returned back unto you.

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I’d rather be…

I’m loving this weeks photo challenge!  When asked “what would you rather be doing right now,” …my answer will always be; Traveling!

If I could be a little more clearer, I’d rather be traveling on a cruise ship!  For me, nothing can top this.  It’s the best way to travel, the best way to unwind, and to escape the world.  It is also the best way to visit a few locations in one trip, enjoy all you can eat food, and be waited on hand and foot.  Whether you’re with your family, your friends, or significant other, …it’s perfect for any group and all occasions.  Let me not forget the  unlimited activities, entertainment, and drinks!!!!!!!

I’m picturing myself now in the middle of the ocean on a fancy cruise ship, sitting on the deck 17, basking in the sun– covered in coconut oil, with literally no worries in the world.  I’ve been on 5 cruises so far and I honestly can’t wait to go again.

Yup, that’s what I’d rather be doing.  What about you?


A picture I took in Labadee, Haiti: 2017-Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas

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See ya around!

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Beverly Hills: Telling a story via Pictures

Once upon a time (like in 2016), I lived life as the Rich and Famous.  Even though it was only for a few hours….I lived it and I LOVED IT!!


I could truly be a Hollywood type of girl, living in Beverly Hills…but I would want to be behind the scenes and just living my own little life.

One fancy store at a time…….

One fancy hotel at a time……

One great house at a time!!!!!


One beautiful sunset at a time…..

Have you ever wondered what life would be like to be rich?  To be able to go and buy as you pleased whenever you wanted?  While I have no desire to really be rich I do have a desire to be wealthy.  And for me, being wealthy is only a matter of time and a matter of perspective.  No wondering needed on that part.  Give me a few more years and I’ll tell you what it’s like! Haha

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I received these roses for Valentine’s Day.  Of course they were beautiful at first glace.  Two weeks later and they were still trying their best to hold on.  The water was getting lower and with any flower, the leaves started to turn and die.  After a few days of neglect I noticed even more beauty.  I immediately started to take photos.  My daughter asked me why I was taking pictures of dying roses.  I said to her, “you don’t see the beauty in these?”

She started to think.  She said, “it reminds me not to judge a book by its cover.”  I replied back and said, “You’re right.  No matter how you look on the outside or what you go through in life, there is still some good in you.  You’re still beautiful.”

These flowers also remind me of the elderly.  A little wrinkled but rich in color, and spirit, and wealth.



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Photo Challenge: How many ways?

After reading the topic for this week’s photo challenge immediately two things came to mind.  I debated on which direction to go because I  have a hard time making decisions.  Did I want to go the traditional black girl hair theme?  Because we all know that black women run through hair styles as if time is just not on our sides.  Or did I want to go the food direction?  Which, I’ll admit seemed rather blah.  So, I chose to go the blah route!  Only because I didn’t feel like being a narcissist today.  Perhaps, I’ll save the million pictures of me in one blog for another post!  How does that sound? Continue reading

The 4 S’s of Growing!

It was love at first sight, although I cannot recall exactly when it was.  I’m thinking its been at least nine or ten years now.  I had played around with the idea but never became serious about it.  I didn’t know exactly what I would be getting myself into.  I questioned if it would reciprocate the same love back to me?  At the time I thought I only liked a certain type or would only be drawn to a certain type.  So I was unsure of it all.

Upon our initial introduction I was intimidated, as one could imagine.  I kept hearing the stories of lush but tried to push it away.  My girlfriend would say, “you have to give it a chance!”  After months of pleading I figured why not.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy it, I probably just needed to get my feet wet. Continue reading