Do cheating boyfriends turn into cheating husbands????

Recently, while scrolling through my personal Facebook page, I ran across a status that caught my attention in a way that I had to reread the status several times.  I believe the statement to be true but I also believe that people can change IF they want to.  Often times, it takes a lot of prayer and a mindset to want to do differently.  Basically, the person has to be willing to grow up.

I’ve quoted the statement below:

“Cheating boyfriends are normally cheating husbands.  Marriage rarely changes unfaithful behavior.  Just because a man ask you to marry him does not mean he is marriage material.  He could just be saying you are THE ONE he wants to cheat on for the rest of his life.”  ~Fleace Weaver

Did you have to read the quote a few times as well?  It’s certainly one of those statements that will make you think twice.  This new generation of women believes giving passes to their men, indulging in threesomes, and feeling as if they aren’t worth a complete whole man all to themselves.  Call me old school, but I can’t get with that.  If you as a woman don’t know your worth then you don’t know anything.  The only thing we will be sharing is that slice of cake at the restaurant because I’m always trying to watch my waistline!

I also believe that some women think that marriage changes things and honestly, it doesn’t.  So if a man is cheating on you before marriage then yes, perhaps, it will continue on during the marriage.

Those are just my opinions.  I am interested in knowing if you all agree/disagree with me or with what Ms. Fleace Weaver had to say?  I would love to hear from the men on this subject as well.  Don’t be shy.  Tell us how you really feel! 🙂

We need more good men.  Listen to Ne-Yo’s latest hit below……..

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