Embracing your blended family & Happy Fathers Day!

We’re going to refer to this blog post as a twofer!¬† A two for one type of post! ūüôā

Blended families are nothing out of the ordinary these days.  In fact, blended families are becoming more and more popular.

The key to making any blended family work and the key to life in general is forgiveness.¬† Especially if you’re the other parent and you’re trying to decide if you want your child in the midst of their siblings that may come from another parent.

If you’re on the blended side you must be inclusive to all parties.¬† It is nice when everyone can come together to celebrate birthdays and graduations or any special occasion.¬† It is important for adults to get out of their feelings while also being¬†willing to stretch and grow.¬† When these steps are taken, blended families strive more.

I remember years ago when my daughter was visiting her father, step mother, and other siblings and she told me she had called her step-mother, momma.¬† It didn’t bother me one bit.¬† 1) She was about 3 or 4 and was copying her other siblings.¬† 2) I was confident and secure within myself,¬†plus I¬†know the role that I play in my daughter’s life.¬† After telling a friend about the situation and trying to get him to understand that it’s ok; he tried to make me feel bad.¬† I wasn’t accepting his opinion because if my daughter felt comfortable enough and safe around her to call her momma at the time, then I was ok with that.¬† Men often feel slighted or “some kinda way” when their kids are around other men but you’ll only feel that way if you aren’t doing what you’re suppose to do as a parent.¬† I already knew, no one would ever be able to take my place from my daughter so that wasn’t my fight.¬† Besides, I trusted her dad and the love that he has for our daughter to make the right decisions.¬† As long as your child is not at harm then you shouldn’t have a problem with whom your ex has decided to be with.

With all of that being said; I would like to wish all of the amazing fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day.¬† Whether you are in a blended family or not, Fathers are never honored and appreciated enough on days like this.¬† Fathers are extremely special to their¬†children.¬† For¬†little girls, they are the first man who will ever love them and they’ll typically pick their mate based off of their fathers love.¬† For little boys, fathers are their role models and heroes.¬† Fathers are needed and are necessary.

I remember my dad trying to comb my sister and my hair growing up.¬† It wasn’t often but when he did we both loved¬† it.¬† He would let us wear our hair down instead of the everyday pigtails that our mom made us wear.¬† We would think that we were so cute.¬† I also remember my dad taking me to school on his bike as a little girl.¬† In High School, my dad brought my sister and I diamond rings; a promise ring to keep ourselves and to let us know that if a man couldn’t do more for us than he could, that we didn’t need him.¬† Do you know how important and loved that made me feel especially when I started dating?¬† My dad had already laid the foundation for me and it gave me room to have high standards and to not be ashamed about it.

I’ve always felt extra safe around my dad.¬† Whenever we are on vacation and out and about in a foreign place that we aren’t use to my dad still escorts us to the bathroom and waits on us.¬† He takes pride in protecting his girls.¬† Sometimes we will go shopping and he’ll sit patiently waiting while he carries all of the bags.¬† Today, at 37¬†I’ll call my dad and ask if he could come help us hang our TV on the wall.¬† Before we can blink, he’s right there.¬† When¬†I’m worried, I’ll ask my¬†daddy for a prayer and immediately¬†I’ll feel better.

Embrace your blended family (if you have one) and make sure your dad know the amount of love you have for him!!  Treat all children the same and remember to always show respect to the other parents that may be involved.

(Now, to try to figure out a gift for Father’s Day!)