I’m Guilty……..and loving it.

As I carefully sip my Lime Spritzer……

I’m guilty of :

Eating in Bed.

Staying up too late and then oversleeping.

Missing a month of working out.

Having 30 bottles of wine (I’m working on my collection).

Browsing the internet at work.

Being too hard on myself at times.

Binge watching TV Shows.

Skipping meals.

Overloading my nephew with Tic Tac mints.

Ironically, not being too social with people outside of my circle.

Being a little boujee (this is the urban spelling) at times.


Having to have the last word.


Having a little undiagnosed OCD & ADHD.

And I’m sure there are a ton of other things that I may be guilty of.  But nevertheless, I recognize that I am human, mistakes will be made, but that doesn’t discredit the AMAZING PERSON I KNOW THAT I AM!  Today, and everyday, stand in your glory.  Allow room for mistakes as well as growth within your life.  There is nothing wrong with having a rest day, eating the dessert after the meal, or talking on the phone with your girlfriend for hours.

Who said we couldn’t turn our guilty charges into guilty pleasures?

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Watch me Shimmer!

Monday’s sure do come around fast but it’s nothing that we can’t handle, right?

I wanted to take a minute to share with you some good news I received yesterday.  I received notification that my blog, 5 ways of making the most out of Twitter was being featured on Janice Wald’s Mostly Blogging Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #173 blog.  As shocked as I was, I also thought, “You go Girl!”

It has always been my desire to inspire and reach men and women in the masses when I started this blog and slowly, but surely, I (we) are getting there.  Thank you all for continuing to ride with me on this journey of blogging!

A note from me to you:

Never be afraid of letting your light shine.  For you never know whose life you will touch in the process.  Just like two people on different ends of the world can look up into the night sky, viewing the same moon at the same time, watching it glow in all of its glory, you are the moon to millions of people around the world!  You never know when someone is watching you or how your light can influence them.

Therefore be radiant in all that you do!

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The Days of our Lives

Here I am in my late 30’s and suddenly I feel like time is just moving too fast.  For years it seemed like I’ve rushed life away.  I’ve been a little girl, desperately wanting to be a teenager.  Then once I became a teenager my 20’s couldn’t get here soon enough.  Now that I’m in my late 30’s it has hit me that I’m getting older and older by the minute and time is flying!

It seems like it was yesterday that I graduated from high school and now I get to experience my nephew on his way to college this year.  Someone please pinch me!!  What seems like was just yesterday has now turned into twenty-plus years ago.  I remember toying around with the word “adult” and saying that I was grown at 20 but now I’m a full-fledged adult with my load of responsibilities.  Oh, and the fact that my daughter has stated to me that I was old–pretty much confirms everything.  Like she has presented me with the facts before I even asked for them!

Yes, it’s true, my hands don’t look as youthful as they once did.  Thank you God for not sending the gray hairs just yet!  However, I’m watching my parents get older and older and I’m also watching my grandparents get older.  Their wrinkles represent wisdom to me but it’s hard to accept that for myself.  Aging has become this hard pill to swallow because in my eyes I feel like there are things on my checklist that should have been checked off already but yet they are still pending.

We get older, wiser, and we wrinkle. Often times we reminiscence on the memories we’ve shared and created over the years; with each year the memories beginning to fade.  Getting older has its advantages but the downside of getting older is that you’re now going to more funerals.  I haven’t really grasp this part of life yet.  Especially after losing my grandfather and uncle within the last few years.  Just the thought of a funeral makes my eyes water.

Time goes by and it never comes back.  Time doesn’t wait for you to get yourself together.  Ready or not, time goes on.  As with anything in life, we take the good with the bad and we keep ticking.  This age thing is a continuous cycle that repeats itself through every generation.  One tick and one wrinkle at a time!

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Beverly Hills: Telling a story via Pictures

Once upon a time (like in 2016), I lived life as the Rich and Famous.  Even though it was only for a few hours….I lived it and I LOVED IT!!


I could truly be a Hollywood type of girl, living in Beverly Hills…but I would want to be behind the scenes and just living my own little life.

One fancy store at a time…….

One fancy hotel at a time……

One great house at a time!!!!!


One beautiful sunset at a time…..

Have you ever wondered what life would be like to be rich?  To be able to go and buy as you pleased whenever you wanted?  While I have no desire to really be rich I do have a desire to be wealthy.  And for me, being wealthy is only a matter of time and a matter of perspective.  No wondering needed on that part.  Give me a few more years and I’ll tell you what it’s like! Haha

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Is meat really killing us?

I have a dilemma.  We have a dilemma.

Over the weekend, a dear friend of mine who lives in Texas was out and about.  Like many of us, sometimes it’s just easier to grab food while you’re out.  It was convenient so that’s what she did.

I’ll just speak for myself and say that I typically visit Chick-fil-A once a week (don’t give me any side-eyes).  Well, on Saturday morning, she visited Chick-fil-A, too.  But this time it wasn’t the magical, glorious, and this is the best fast-food experience ever that she received that day.  It was quite the opposite.

She ordered the Chick-n-Minis.  You know the cute little chicken breakfast biscuits with the chicken nugget and the very soft doughy rolls.  Well when she bit into that biscuit, OMGEEEEE, let me tell you that was not chicken (see photos below).  She posted the picture on social media and at first glance I thought, this is fake.  It can’t be real.  I then read the post behind the picture and found out that it was indeed real.  If it was ANYONE else or someone I didn’t know, I would have thought, there is no way.  Not Chick-fil-A.  Not my friend.  Not the top of the food chain, best fast-food that was ever invented.

My stomach started doing flips like I was in this years Winter Olympics.  I wanted to keep looking at the picture but then I was scared.  I was disgusted.  Not only did she get chicken that wasn’t all the way cooked, but what is this mystery meat?  They tried to tell her it was fat!!!  I believe we have been around enough chicken to know what chicken fat looks like.

I trusted Chick-fil-A like I trust the brakes on my car.  In life, there are things that we expect.  We expect for our brakes to operate correctly time and time again.   This is why we go through quality control, right?  Same with Chick-fil-A, we expect for chicken to be chicken.  We expect them to do quality control on all of their food items that they are pushing out that window and at that counter.

I don’t eat a lot of fast-food, but when I do, Chick-fil-A was at the very top of my list.  I don’t even eat their nuggets a lot.  I do try to eat somewhat healthy even when eating out but there are still occasions when I have.  My family eats them often, infact too often.  Now I feel like I’ve been compromising my soul.  Compromising my body’s health.  Chick-fil-A isn’t cheap.  One stop at Chick-fil-A for lunch or dinner and we will easily spend a quick $24.  This isn’t a Wendy’s 4 for 4!  I’ve been compromising my coins.

What am I to do now?  Do I stop eating meat all together?  Do I cut back on meat? Do I stop eating chicken?  I mean it was a freaking nugget.  How do you go wrong with a nugget?  The white meat of the chicken?  It’s suppose to be the best part.  I was hurt and it wasn’t even me who bit into that piece of garbage.  You know, I very seldom eat Chinese food now because of that whole “cat” speculation that has been going on for years.  Now I feel like I need to add another food/restaurant chain to the list.

I feel like I’m in a Catch-22 situation, honestly.  I feel damned if I do and damned if I don’t. The food industry has taken a turn for the worse. There are so many documentaries on why meat is no longer good for you.  I’ve had family members who went vegetarian but had to eventually add a little meat back into their diets for the protein.

We need food to survive but this food is killing us.  I need a personal chef—however that isn’t the life I live at the moment.  I know I don’t want to be vegan.  I mean here I am posting blogs on the best way to cook steak and then I’m suddenly torn by this here situation.  You don’t just go from steak to vegetables everyday, all day.  Now you see my dilemma?  But perhaps cutting 75% of meat out of my diet will be best.  For now anyway.

I need your help!  Any vegetarians or pescatarians (I just learned of this) out there?  Any suggestions or support groups you’re aware of?  I could use a recipe or two!  What are your thoughts on this?  Is meat really killing us?  Is this our life?

For my friend, I will keep you updated on what happens as she has contacted corporate.  In this situation a free coupon isn’t going to solve the task at hand.  


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My heart is in pieces #Parkland

Last night I sat in bed and just scrolled my Twitter timeline and read all the text from students who sent “I love you” text to family and friends. Not because it was Valentine’s Day, but because their school was under attack.  They were living in the moment of a mass shooter running through their school in Florida.  Pictures showed them on the floor under desk with classrooms being invaded by police. Continue reading

My Day Was Eff’d Up!

This is how I would describe my day using only adjectives; from morning to night:















I’ve literally felt every emotion today.  It’s cool.  Life happens.  How was your day?  Could you pick a letter to describe your entire day?  I’d like to see it.

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