Mamba Came. Mamba Scored. Mamba Out!

Michael Jordan.  Shaquille O’Neal.  Charles Barkley.  Scottie Pippen.  Dennis Rodman.  Hakeem Olajuwon.  Magic Johnson.  Karl Malone.  Penny Hardaway.

Most of you know these names because they are all related to the game of basketball.  These men are only a few of the athletes that made me fall in love with the game of basketball growing up.  I can recall trying to keep my eyes open and glued to the TV screen as the games would come down to the final seconds.  It would be one of those really close games, almost midnight, and all a team needed was one shot to either win or tie the game.  I always fell asleep at the very end of a game when there were only about 2 or so minutes remaining and 2 minutes of playing time in the NBA feels like 10 minutes after everyone are fouled and shooting free throws.  Same thing today. Continue reading

Flipping Houses in Richmond, VA

Checking goals off their list is probably one of the few things this power couple does best.  After years of contributing valuable time into the corporate world, they both wanted to start a new adventure.  They had other dreams to accomplish and many more goals to eventually check off the list.  Find out how and why a married couple decided to split ways with their then “normal” careers and step out on faith to begin a new “normal” way of living. Continue reading