Just Keep Climbing! (Picture blog)

Recently, we (my fiance’, myself, and friends from out-of-town) decided to go on a hike.  I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I was determined to give it a shot. Being that I live in the valley, mountains are literally in my backyard.

This particular mountain peaks at 3,197 feet.  The trail has mostly uphill terrain with a few flat portions to it.  But I must add that we took the “easier” route but the “easy” route is still challenging; a steady climb of about 1700 feet.  From where we started it was four miles up (which took us 3 hours to complete) and four miles down (which took us 2 hours to complete). Once we reached the top we spent about an hour there enjoying the mountain breeze, refueling off the lunch we packed, and taking pictures.

Instead of boring you with a full detailed outline of the day and the hike itself and how at one point I thought we would never see the end; I figured I would share the pictures from that day because they are worth a thousand words plus more.

Follow me with my pictures as we hike to McAfee’s Knob (The Knob) which is located atop of Catawba Mountain which is part of the Appalachian Trail.


The men leading the way and carrying all of the water and snacks 🙂


Nature at it’s best


A massive rock


The sun peeping through the rocks


Only 1.2 miles remained before we reached the top but this 1.2 miles was all climbing.  It felt more like 5.


The stairs behind me starts the final mile!


We  FINALLY made it to the top!


A well deserved break


I was surprised I went this far out on The Knob; but it is one of the most popular photo places along the entire trail.




On top of the world


A view of the city from the top of the mountain


Some things just can’t be explained


Another ledge atop of the mountain


My Boo and I




It was  beautiful day for a hike


The one time you’re not in a plane but you’re above the power lines!


Use the signs and colors when hiking to help direct your path


The end was insight and we were HAPPY CONQUERS!

I love being able to wake up and see mountains surrounding me everyday.  People are usually fascinated whenever they come to my “neck of the woods!”  The hike was challenging and I’m certain that I sweated more this day than ever before.  I burned over 2400 calories in just the hike alone and had over 22 thousand footsteps.  Perhaps, I’ve never been more proud of myself for completing a physical activity.  MAYBE, one day, I’ll do it again! 🙂

What do you think?  Have you ever hiked a mountain before?  Would you give this mountain a try if you could?

Until next time, just keep climbing!


Do cheating boyfriends turn into cheating husbands????

Recently, while scrolling through my personal Facebook page, I ran across a status that caught my attention in a way that I had to reread the status several times.  I believe the statement to be true but I also believe that people can change IF they want to.  Often times, it takes a lot of prayer and a mindset to want to do differently.  Basically, the person has to be willing to grow up.

I’ve quoted the statement below:

“Cheating boyfriends are normally cheating husbands.  Marriage rarely changes unfaithful behavior.  Just because a man ask you to marry him does not mean he is marriage material.  He could just be saying you are THE ONE he wants to cheat on for the rest of his life.”  ~Fleace Weaver

Did you have to read the quote a few times as well?  It’s certainly one of those statements that will make you think twice.  This new generation of women believes giving passes to their men, indulging in threesomes, and feeling as if they aren’t worth a complete whole man all to themselves.  Call me old school, but I can’t get with that.  If you as a woman don’t know your worth then you don’t know anything.  The only thing we will be sharing is that slice of cake at the restaurant because I’m always trying to watch my waistline!

I also believe that some women think that marriage changes things and honestly, it doesn’t.  So if a man is cheating on you before marriage then yes, perhaps, it will continue on during the marriage.

Those are just my opinions.  I am interested in knowing if you all agree/disagree with me or with what Ms. Fleace Weaver had to say?  I would love to hear from the men on this subject as well.  Don’t be shy.  Tell us how you really feel! 🙂

We need more good men.  Listen to Ne-Yo’s latest hit below……..

Video courtesy of YouTube

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