Inspiration for our Young Men who are off to College!

Connecting with a person to get your point across is as easy as getting on their level?  Especially, when you’re trying to relay a message to the opposite sex or to a person who may be younger or older than you.

When it was finally time for my nephew to walk the stage after completing High School, I knew I wanted to leave him with a message.  He was completing one goal and getting ready to start another; as he’ll be heading to college in the fall.  Society loves to down play achievements such as these for African-American males but on the flip side they are quick to say one is a thug of sorts.  Therefore, it was my goal to inspire him! Continue reading

QOD- Question of the Day

What is your greatest Fear?

For me, my greatest fear is not being successful.  In order to reverse my fear, I try to take more risk, allowing myself room for failure by not being so hard on myself.  Deep down, I know it’s best to have tried and failed then to not have tried at all.

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I Made It

Welcome to I “Toja”! After many months of debate and questioning…I made it! I’m here.  I really enjoy writing and I’ve toyed around the idea of writing a book and just didn’t think that was the road I wanted to travel.  The next best thing and perhaps the best thing for me was blogging. So let’s jump right in! Continue reading