My Christmas Playlist

I’m making a Christmas playlist, and I’m checking it twice, because Christmas music only comes around once every 12 months.  Listening to Christmas music any other time during the year just doesn’t feel right, so it is important that I have all of my favorite Christmas songs ready to go in just a click or two. Continue reading

Holiday Hangover

It’s the day after Christmas and I am at work but I’m not really here.  I am awake but I’m mentally asleep.  I literally rolled out of bed this morning and somehow found my way to work.  I am trying to focus but I can’t seem to get pass the heaviness of my eyelids.  I feel like a newborn baby trying to learn how to hold its head up.  My work seems foreign and it is looking at me more than I’m looking at it.  There’s a fuzziness there that I can’t seem to clear up.  Continue reading

What do they mean by “Yule”

Yule is a period of time from December to January on very old German Lunar calendars that represents the winter festival, such as Christmas.  You can sort of think about the first day of Winter as to when Yule would begin.

Yuletide Carols would basically be old Christmas songs.  Perhaps meant to put you in a happy mood.  I remember thinking once why no one ever really made new Christmas music?  A lot of them are just remakes of very old versions.

Yule logs were logs that were cut down on Christmas mornings and then burned that night.

Yule trees are similar to Christmas Trees.

I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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