Inspiration for our Young Men who are off to College!

Connecting with a person to get your point across is as easy as getting on their level?  Especially, when you’re trying to relay a message to the opposite sex or to a person who may be younger or older than you.

When it was finally time for my nephew to walk the stage after completing High School, I knew I wanted to leave him with a message.  He was completing one goal and getting ready to start another; as he’ll be heading to college in the fall.  Society loves to down play achievements such as these for African-American males but on the flip side they are quick to say one is a thug of sorts.  Therefore, it was my goal to inspire him! Continue reading

I Have Beef With Our Black Brothers

**First let me say that this doesn’t apply to all men.  But to the men whose shoes clearly fit and can walk in and all around this truth, please take heed!**

As you read the words below think about these two questions:

  • How do we save our black men?

  • How do we place them back in the homes to be providers for their families?

In the year of 2017, we have more young black men not working, and not taking care of their children; more young black men are being killed, and more black men are being put behind bars.  Leaving our young black boys to grow up in a single parent home. Continue reading