My Top 5 Mystery Podcast

Below you will find my Top 5 Mystery Podcast that I think YOU ALL will love.  There’s so much drama and suspense detailed in these podcast that I literally could not wait to listen to the next episode.  My thoughts and opinions on who did what, when, and where, kept changing.  I couldn’t believe that the police were the real crooks in many of the stories below.  These are real life events with a lot of unanswered questions.

Listed in order:

#1: Serial Serial Season 1:   The first mystery podcast that I ever listened to.  I was so intrigued.  Curiosity was written all over my face as I listened.  As the story was laid out and outlined I was painting the scenes in my head like a movie.  I finally had to go to Google to look up the actual people involved to see what they looked like.

The time frame is Baltimore, 1999, High School kids.  This real life event happened during the same time I was in High School and graduating so I was immediately drawn to it and all of the scenarios.  I kept asking myself “what would I have done?”  This story is unique as they are trying to solve a case that’s well over 15 or more years old.  Well, let me put it another way.  They are trying to prove Adnan is innocent.  Adnan was accused of killing his high school girlfriend Hae.  In this podcast they try to relive the events leading up to the murder and basically a can of worms are opened.

As I listened I also wondered if  I would have remember such details today if I was questioned about something that happened so long ago.  I don’t know.  I guess it would depend on how traumatic it was for me during that time.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say I have flip-flopped on who I though was the killer in this story; but I do not believe Adnan is guilty.  However, he still sits in prison as I type this.  I’m eager to know your thoughts and who you think is behind the murder.  I don’t want to tell the story here but I do want you to listen to it.


#2: S-Town – Oh, S-Town!  Which actually means Shit Town.  I love the voices in this particular podcast.  The southern charmed accent from Alabama drew me in first.  This story takes you on a roller coaster ride that has more turns and flips than one could handle.

At first I couldn’t believe it was real.  I’m sure you will go to Google, like myself, to verify facts; and they are all there! It was almost unbelievable.  John, the main person in this investigative journalism podcast hates his town–hence S-Town.  John is also a character within himself who deals with depression as well as having a host of many other personalities.  He’s peculiar, to say the least.  You just have to listen to understand.  It’s about a really smart but negative man who sometimes appears not to have it all together.  He’s a man who desperately wants attention and will do whatever he has to do, to get it. There are so many layers to him as well as this story.  But the story takes a turn and it feels like I’m sitting in the middle of Beverly Hillbillies, only before they move to Hollywood, trying to figure out what’s going on.  A mystery for sure.  (Check out the maze when you do your Googling)


#3: Dirty John – A love story that goes bad really quick.  Full of money, lust, and betrayal.  A real life story that happened in California only a few years ago.  This story makes you wonder why people do the things that they do.  It also makes you wonder what kind of woman couldn’t see straight through him?  Although I know it happen more than it should.  Lust and love are to different thing and here we can see how each play put.

I believed John got exactly what he deserved.  This isn’t a mystery, as we know what happens in the end.  But the story is put together nicely and it is full of suspense.


#4: AccusedAccused Season 1:  Such a tragic story of a young lady who had just graduated college in Ohio.  She has a boyfriend and moving from one apartment to the next and suddenly ends up dead.  This story is also one of the investigated stories where they are trying to put together really old pieces of the puzzle.  Like 1978 old.  I wasn’t even born then.  They’ve tried to ACCUSE the boyfriend for her murder but there are so many different angles to this story and the case is still cold.

I think the boyfriend, now very a very grown man, is innocent.


#5: Atlanta Monster – The latest podcast that I’m still currently listening to because the season hasn’t wrapped up just yet.  This story is just strange.  It was my first time hearing about the Atlanta Monster AKA as the man killing black boys back in the day.  Wayne, the suspect in this podcast, is still in prison and still claims that he is innocent.  But there is something about him that just doesn’t sit right with me.

The setting is Atlanta, GA; 1981.  Again another old story that was solved with doubt.  Many people are on the fence about Wayne’s involvement with the Atlanta killings.

While being investigated he “beats around the bush” a lot.  He shares irrelevant and unbelievable information.  He come off to me as perhaps having a mental illness however there’s still some strange things that happen during this series that often times put me on the fence as well.  At the end of the day, I believe he’s guilty.  But I also believe he may not be guilty of everything the cops are putting on him.  Lets see if my opinion changes any after we finish the series.


I definitely need your opinions and thoughts on the Five podcast listed above.  Who do you think killed who in these stories?  What could have been any of their motives?  What are your thoughts on S-Town?  Do you have a favorite podcast?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, remember to start at the beginning of each podcast, so episode 1 or chapter 1, and work your way up to the very end.  You must listen to the stores in order.  But you already knew that, right? ♥

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