About IToja


Welcome to IToja (I told ya).  I’m Toya—your virtual best friend!  This lifestyle blog is for any person that is true and honest with themselves and can admit to experiencing highs and lows and everything in between.  With a little motivation, inspiration, determination, fun, and down to earth conversations–friend, we got this.

There is no way that I could put myself in a box therefore we will touch on many subjects; some being light and funny while others may be really heavy and hard conversations to have.  Because of course, that is how life works.

I’m in my late thirties; an East Coast girl who loves desserts and I have a real obsession with wine!  Which is probably why I paid over $700 dollars for my dessert bar at my wedding and the wine was in heavy rotation. ♥

When I’m not busy working, I’m hanging out with my family or at a winery trying to taste my way through new bottles to add to my collection.

As my Granny would say, have a seat, rest your coat, and stay awhile!