My mission for 2019

The year of 2018 was very busy for me.  I planned a wedding for most of the year while work had me consumed more than I would like to admit.  If I’m totally honest with you, the hectic year took me away from taking care of myself the way that I should.  I should have been losing weight for a wedding and I was instead gaining.  Let’s not talk about all the coins I spent throughout the year as well.

The year of 2018 left my wallet empty and it also left me carrying around more weight around my midsection and face than I really want to confess to.

Almost 9 years ago, I made a conscious decision to lose weight and slowly the weight melted off of me.  I looked like a completely different person the following year and I swore I would never gain weight again.  Well now, most of that weight has found its way back to me after years of not being as mindful of things I consumed and lack of exercise.  So, guess what time it is?  It’s time to start this journey all over again.

So, I’m doing this with no regrets.  I’m leaving all the stress of 2018 in 2018 and I am putting ME and my wallet first!  I am devoting 2019 to losing weight and to building all my accounts back up!  Yes, all of them!  I also realize that my life is totally different from what it was 9 years ago so it may not be as easy and I may not even get to the size I once wore, but I’m willing to put in all of the work, plus more!

How will I put myself first?

I will make time for my workouts.  I realize that exercise is very important when it comes to losing weight as well as maintaining your weight.  That means I may have to cut hours at my part-time job because it is just that important.  Or, perhaps I would depend on the hubby or teenage kids to plan a simple meal while momma gets her exercise on.

I must also cut back on sugars and carbs and maximize my fiber and vegetable intake.  I’ve done it before, I can do it again.  All it takes is willpower and the art of consistency.  Basically, I need for my waist to get smaller and my wallet to get fatter and not the reverse.

I can also make easy and smart decision by grabbing a protein shake as a meal replacement or even taking an extra walk in the evenings.

But please, feel free to check-up on ya girl from time to time to see how I’m doing because the carbs be calling my name like I’m a soldier at war.

Anyone else need to rededicate themselves to putting yourself (or your wallet) first?  Let’s do it!  Take a moment to process your 2018 and make small changes here and there in efforts to continue cultivating yourself into the best YOU there is!

We can do it!



Have you cut the cord?

Hey Friends!!!

Today’s question is brought to you by whatever streaming service that is out seeking your patronage.  Streaming TV seems to be the new “IT” thing to do.

I know for me, I was interested in saving money on my cable bill, however, I wasn’t really sure which route to go.  I didn’t have any problems with my cable besides the fact that every year it goes up more and more.

We were currently paying over $200 a month for cable, internet, and a phone that we NEVER used.  We only added the phone because of the bundle package that would essentially make our bill lower, so they claimed.

Before we decided to officially cut the cord, we did some trail runs with 3 different streaming services.  Hulu Live, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV.  Before I give details on each, I would advise doing the trail runs at separate times.  That way you will have enough time to fully explore and get a feel of the streaming service.  I, however, signed up for all three at the same time and now I don’t feel like I had enough time to fully get a feel of all of them.

Let me also add, that as I have been researching different streaming services, there’s no way to fully be able to test all of them out and to really get a feel of which one will actually work best for you because there are so many.  For instance, there is DirectTV Now, YouTube TV, and of course the grandfather Netflix and a ton of other streaming services that I was just totally unaware of.  pexels-photo-704555.jpeg


Hulu Live:

If you are familiar with Netflix this is very similar.  As it gives you shows and series, both new and old to watch and binge on.  The big difference with Hulu is they will air current running shows usually the day after their original air date (this feature cost $7.99).  With Hulu Live, you can also watch Live TV.  So the news, sports, different shows, you can watch as they air (this feature cost $34.99).  Hulu Live also has the option where you can pay extra for unlimited screens.  So you aren’t just limited to two screens (this add-on is an additional $14.99).

Sling TV:  

Airs shows and series as well and you can customize the packages to what you want to watch.  The call it A-La-Carte TV.  If you just want sports they have a package for that.  Of if you just want Kids TV, they have a package for that, etc. (depending on which package you choose determine how much you pay per month–packages start at $20/month).  The one thing that I did like about this particular streaming service is that they had a TV guide that look very similar to what you would get if you had cable and was searching for something to watch.

PlayStation Vue:

Here you will find many of your TV shows and channels that you can watch live (prices range from $39.99 to $74.99/month).  They also have On Demand where you can record shows as well, which is great.  They do not have the streaming catalog of movies and sitcom series as Hulu or Netflix would.  However, they specialize in movie channels and premium channels such as HBO and Showtime; so that’s where the higher price range comes in.  A good thing about this option is very similar to cable with all of the live TV options and you don’t have to have a PlayStation in order to enjoy this streaming service.


Our biggest takeaway in cutting the cord was saving about 35% on our total cable/internet bill.  We also don’t have to pay for any equipment, we’re not on a contract, and we can cancel or pause subscription at any time.

There are a lot of TV shows and complete series of shows like the complete series of the Golden Girls or Living Single available at your fingertips that you wouldn’t have with a regular cable subscription.


It takes some time getting use to turning on the TV and then having to go to the streaming channel and literally search.  As with cable you can just turn the TV on and enter your channel and enjoy your show.  With streaming it’s not so easy.

I miss the TV guide.  We went with Hulu Live because we liked what they had to offer as far as TV shows, the live option, and the catalog of movies and TV series that they have available; but we’re missing the TV guide.  We also decided to add the add-on option for multiple screens for $14.99/month.

We also miss certain stations such as VH1 or BET but if you know someone who has cable and who are willing to give you their login you can download the app to your TV -if you have a smart TV or Fire Stick, etc.- and log in that way.  (shhhhhh—-don’t tell anyone I told you that).


Amazon Fire TV Sticks are one of the go-to media players available today.  The Alexa voice remote makes it easy to search for shows and channels.  This media player also gives you the access you’ll need in downloading additional apps and TV shows along with games and music. Click on the picture below to order yours today!

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Did you say FREE?

Howdy folks!

I hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start.  As we begin fresh for the year, I want to begin with putting ourselves in a position to save money, and we can do this by utilizing reward offers that many companies offer.  I’m always amazed at how many people who don’t know about all the FREE items that we have at the tip of our fingers.  Literally, all we have to do is download an app in most cases.  Continue reading