Beach Living

Imagine yourself tucked away on what seems like an remote island.  Bumper to Bumper action as packed cars travel to their designations for the week.  Children are hanging out of the car windows anxiously waiting to ride bikes and stay up extra late.  It’s the middle of Summer and during the day the sun is blazing.  There’s no way to escape the humid temperatures and even after the sun has set along the coast of the beach the heat still remains.  The night stars that hang in the sky are magical and finally you can let your windows down to enjoy the fresh air as you cruise along the shore. This is a place you wish you could stay forever.

After years of beach hopping, I’ve learned that all beaches cannot be treated the same.  Some beaches are commercialized and are just busy at it’s core.  You’ll get the boardwalks and the car shows and the entertainment.  If that’s what you’re aiming for, great! But then there are beaches that are made just for relaxing.  You take away the boardwalks, you take away all of the commercial aspect of everyday life and you’re left with the beach in all of it’s authenticity.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still packed with people but it’s made for relaxing and pure family time.  The nearest restaurant chain is about an hour drive away and therefore you opt to eat at a local spot and realize that their food is amazing and perhaps this country beach life isn’t so bad after all.  The beach is literally in your back yard or about 1400 feet away, so a nightly stroll around the block becomes routine.

This is what you’ll find whenever you visit Corolla, NC on the skirts of the Outer Banks.  You’ll find a home away from home.  A new way of living and new love.  The quietness in the air actually speaks volume and along the beach, somewhere, you’ll find yourself.

Here’s a sneak peak of this magical beach living.


Corolla, NC


Blue Skies + Blue Water = Heaven on Earth


Home away from Home


You get a beach house! You get a beach house! You get a beach house!


Back yard views


Beach Vibes


Rule #1


Rule #2


Rule #3


Rule #4


Local Eating


Crabby Wings from Uncle Ike’s Restaurant


Ever Tried These? — Coastal Living at it’s finest.


More Local Eating


A Crabby Patty


“An Ocean breeze puts the mind at ease.”


Postcard Perfect


Paradise is at the Pier

Many would say that beach life is where it’s at.  I wouldn’t disagree with anyone on that.  But I prefer the beach at night.  At least then I can walk across the sand barefoot and it doesn’t feel like I’m walking across hot coal.  I’m not a water person either, but it’s always peaceful to hear the waves clashing against each other and that’s one of the main attributes of the beach–peace!  The joy that comes along with the beach really can’t be measured.


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