The Ten Commandments of The Black Church

Growing up in a black church, lets just say it was an experience!  Therefore, I’ve created the Ten Commandments of the Black Church.  These will help you if you’re ever visiting a black church and believe me, they will apply to you at some point in the service…….(study to show thyself approved).

1. Thou shall put up one finger and tiptoe out of service if you’re leaving early.

2. Thou shall bring a snack.

3. Thou shall plan to be there until 3:30pm.

4. Thou shall not destroy the church fan especially if you don’t want the ushers after you.

5. Thou shall not come empty handed. Offering will be collected multiple times. black church

6. Thou shall not sit in another church members seat.

7. Thou shall be a member of the church before you join any committees.

8. Thou shall present the Pastor and 1st Lady gifts on church anniversary dates.

9. Thou shall remember that the order of service may change due to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

10. Thou shall know how to either shout, play the tambourine, or clap on beat.

If you had a testament you would add, what would it be?


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