The Melting Pot

Back in April, my family did a quick girls trip to Philadelphia aka The City of Brotherly Love! Our three day weekend consisted of site seeing, shopping, bonding, and of course some good eating.

We chose The Melting Pot because no one had ever been and we are not fortunate enough to have one in our neck of the woods.  The younger ladies (14 and 19 years old) were not feeling it at all.  While it was out of the norm for them, they really didn’t know what to expect.  We did our best convincing them that life is about the experience and really they had no choice but to oblige.

We waited about 5 minutes for the waitress to find an area to accommodate the 6 of us.  Once we were seated and had a chance to look over the menu, we decided to share meals.  We ordered 3 meals, a meal per “couple” and shared them all amongst the table.  We all chose to do the 4-course meal.  The first course consisted of the cheese fondue appetizer.  Then we had salad.  The meat entree came next, and then the chocolate fondue dessert.  It ended up being a plenty of food for everyone.
What I loved was that each person had a different color fondue fork so that you didn’t get yours mixed up with another persons.  We also had 3 burners at our table.


To get things started, we picked 3 cheeses for our table.  The waitress brought out all the ingredients for the cheese and made them right in front of us.  We had a Wisconsin Cheese, a Brie, and Spinach and Cheese.


For the cheeses, they also provided an unlimited supply of breads, fruits, veggies, and crackers for dipping—as long as we had cheese left.  Oh, do you know how good cheese was with Apples?  Yum!


After cheese came the salad, but I neglected to take a picture of the salad.  However, let’s talk about the meat.

We all chose shrimp, teriyaki chicken, two types of steak, and pork.  To cook the meat they brought out 3 big pots of chicken broth that had to boil.  We added raw broccoli, potatoes, and mushrooms.  The fragrance from the boiling broth was very savory.  The aroma alone had us all ready to eat.  After about 8 minutes of boiling the broth to cook the raw veggies, we started cooking our own meats.  Some of us cooked all the meats at once while others decided to use our pretty little fondue forks and cook two or three things at a time.


My favorite course of all time, dessert!  Again, we picked three different desserts for our table–because we purchased three different meals.  We chose the Ying Yang, The Flaming Turtle, and a Milk Chocolate.


This time, we were given unlimited amounts of cake, waffle halves, brownies, rice krispie treats, and fruits to use with our chocolate.

Check out our Flaming Turtle below!

To my surprise, everyone had an amazing and fun night, including the two teenagers who absolutely didn’t want to go.  They ended up loving the experience the most, standing and reaching across the table trying out all the different foods.

I loved the fact that all of the foods were fresh.  I truly enjoyed trying something different and making new memories with my family.  We were a little skeptical at first when we saw the raw meat coming out and having to cook the meats ourselves, but actually it was very fun.  I believe we made the best decision in sharing the meals.  I truly can’t imagine one person eating all of that at once.

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant created to be an interactive and fun experience.  

All opinions are of my own!


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