My Blessing

I could probably guess that many do not know the story of me becoming a mother.  I was a junior in college, away from home, trying to earn my degree, and living a fun careless life.

I was a virgin until I was 19 years old.  Even after I lost my virginity, I wasn’t just running around with every Tom, Dick, or Harry.  I’ve always been a very cautious person so who I gave my body too was always important to me.

By this time I had one serious boyfriend who had become my fiance and that relationship did not work.  I started dating another guy and we were getting somewhat serious.  I figured I better get on birth control because my parents had sent me to college and I wanted to at least accomplish the goal at hand.

However, before I could make it to the doctors office, or better yet, make an appointment, I realized that my monthly cycle hadn’t arrived.  I took a pregnancy test, and there clear as day, were the two double lines saying I was pregnant.

Honestly, I was distraught.  I was a college student, with 3 part-time jobs, living with 2 roommates plus my then boyfriend (now the father of my daughter), and I didn’t know what to do.  The cautious me didn’t understand how I let this happen.

I tried to go on with life for a few weeks, but then I got into this huge argument with my child’s father and I realized I needed to do the right thing for my child.  I needed a solid foundation because at that moment I didn’t have one.  I decided to call my mother, to tell her about the pregnancy and that I needed to move back home.  This was all a shock to her.  But she did what any great mother would do and she said, “You can always come home!”

Over the next few weeks, I packed my belongings and prepared to quit school for the moment in order to move back home to have my baby.  I was becoming a mother.  For some reason  I never really imagined myself having children.  While I loved babies and kids, it was just something I didn’t see myself doing.  I wasn’t sure how to love someone in that capacity so the thought never crossed my mind.

It wasn’t until April 26, 2004, in the wee hours of the morning, after 26 hours of labor and then an emergency C-section that I found the true meaning of love.  My daughter has taught me how to love and what love truly means.  Instantly, my motherly instincts kicked in.  I knew that I had made the very best decision that I could ever make in life.  She was my world and my Zion.

Today, my blessing turns 15!  It’s amazing how fast children grow up.  It seems like it was just yesterday when she was born.  I’m so blessed and honor to be a mother today.  Fifteen years ago, I didn’t know how I would raise a daughter.  But the truth of the matter is, I wouldn’t be where I am today with my child.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the greatest blessings come from sacrifices.  They are planted and nurtured.  Your blessings often teach you lessons you never knew you needed to know.

Have an amazing birthday, Lauryn!

Love Mom.


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