15 Travel Tips For 2019

It’s 2019 and it’s time to start planning our vacations for the year.  I am a big advocate for vacations or small weekend trips.  I believe it’s necessary to step away from your every day life a few times a year to explore, relax, and to enjoy life.  I often hear about people not having time for vacation or not having enough money for a trip and it saddens me.  It only means that they did not properly plan and in my book, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!  Quite frankly, I can’t imagine life with out a trip.Whether it’s a family vacation with the kids, a “baecation” with your significant other, or a girls weekend getaway, it is important to get away and enjoy life.  The truth of the matter is, one day it will be too late to travel extensively and fly all over the world.  That’s why I believe in enjoying life now and all it has to offer me.

To be sure we are maximizing our travels for the year I’m sharing with you some of my best tips when it comes to traveling.

  1. If you are traveling in a group of 10 or more you can usually get a group rate with airlines and most will let you do flight reservations; giving you more time to pay on the flight. Check your favorite airline for more details!img_6919
  2. Always plan well in advance.  Planning in advance allows you to get the best deals and it gives you time to save and plan accordingly.  As old school as it sounds, make an itinerary of things to do each day especially for land vacations.


    Planning ahead of time allowed us to be able to attend The Talk daytime talk show in LA in 2016.  It was also FREE which leads to my next point!

  3. Free Activities.  Be sure to take advantage of the free activities that may be going on in the city you are traveling to or even on a cruise ship.  It’s a great way to maximize your fun and to save money while traveling.
  4. When flying, always be sure to pack an extra set of underclothes along with an extra outfit in your carry-on.  You never know if or when your luggage may get lost.
  5. Travel with a passport.  Especially when cruising or flying.  It’s a lot easier than having to whip out your wallet every other minute to show your ID.img_6921
  6. Whenever my family and I travel for vacation, we split big bill items per adult.  Ex: if we’re getting a beach house for a week. We can get a really nice house and split the price per the 10 adults that may stay in the house that week.  Kids are always excluded; of course.  We typically do the same with rental cars.  If we need two rentals; we can get 2 SUV’s and split the price between each adult.
  7. On vacations, we follow a go with the flow rule but we also do a little something that each person may like.  We will do something for the kids, something for adults, shopping, etc.  We try to accommodate everyone.img_6918
  8. Don’t forget to tip.  This is important when you’re catching taxi’s or a Uber from airport to hotel, etc.
  9. If you’re traveling to an island, pack a luggage full of non-perishable foods (chips, cereal, cookies, pop-tarts, popcorn, etc.)  especially if you have children.  The food there is very expensive.  In 2013, we traveled to St. Thomas and a half-gallon of Ice Cream was $18.  On the flip side, eating healthy is always a challenge when traveling, so taking a few extra minutes to pack your own healthy snacks may be beneficial.img_6927
  10. Carry a hand towel to wipe or cover the headrest on planes or buses because those are hardly ever cleaned.  Don’t forget hand sanitizer!
  11. If you’re out of the country, know their emergency number because it’s not 911.
  12. Need extra bags when flying?  You can get by with taking 3 bags by taking a larger purse or shoulder bag and putting your smaller purse inside so that it counts as one.  Then you can still take your carry-on and have a bag you check in.
  13. Don’t keep all of your money in one spot.  Separate it.  It’s also useful if you carry small bills.  Remember Tip #8–your smaller bills will come in handy here.img_6922
  14. Always be aware of your surroundings and landmarks.  It is easy to get turned around in an unfamiliar place so taking note of where you are will help you tremendously.  Taking a picture works too.
  15. Maximize your day!  I know it’s vacation but sitting in a hotel room or cabin all day is no fun.  Plan on having a few late nights and early mornings.  I always say I need a staycation after vacation because we are always on the go.  But I typically don’t mind because I can just sleep on the ride or flight back home!

There is so much to this world to explore and to learn.  We often learn the most about ourselves when we are able to step out of our comfort zones.  Traveling is not only great for adults but it’s amazing for children as well.  For my family, we tend to bond the most during family vacation so it’s always an exciting time of the year when it’s time for vacation.img_6928

Where are you headed to this year?  We are headed to a beach house for 7 days with about 16 people, including kids.  This shall be fun!

If you’re a lover of cruises like myself, I have a list of things you can try on your next cruise HERE!



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