Watch out for the Big Girls!

Gone are the days where plus size or curvy girls can only shop at certain stores in the mall because those select stores are the only stores that sell “our” size.  It is a great feeling to finally have some of the barriers around plus size clothing knocked down.  Nowadays, more and more stores are providing curvy girl selections, whether in store (and not in the back of the store) or online.  We just have to get out there to shop and we have to be adventurous.  No one said that just because you’re a certain size that you can only wear sweatsuits or long granny dresses.  No, No, No!I’m constantly hearing that curvy girls don’t know where to shop and they are afraid to try something new and different.  So, here I am to open the door to finding pieces in your size.

You’re probably thinking:

  • Where can I shop? 
  • How will I know how it will look on me?
  • Is it affordable?

Use my tips below to answer the above questions:

First, be bold and confident in yourself.  Sis, if you don’t love you, no one else will.  That’s just the facts.  Don’t wait until you’re a size 8 to buy new clothes and to be fashion forward.

Second, order or buy your size.  I’ll admit that shopping can sometimes be frustrating because sizes vary.  But it’s just the nature of the industry because it all boils down to the designer, the brand, the store, and our bodies.  So don’t let that frustrate you.  No matter what that inside number is on your tag; be confident in what you have on because that is when you will look your best.  Buying too little clothes will make you look bigger.  Get what fits.

My third tip is to follow a few plus size influencers/fashion bloggers on Instagram (IG).  This is where you will learn about styling your outfits.  You will get a sense of how an item may look on you if your body type is similar to a plus size influencers on IG.  Fashion bloggers always provide me with tons of inspiration and I know they can do the same for you.  They’ll also provide you with links to order the items they are wearing online; here you will find where you can shop and purchase those items.  You’ll be surprised at the number of stores that now offer plus size.  It’s literally like a one stop shop.  I’m always amazed at how I’ll love a piece of clothing on the influencer and when I click the link to view the item I think to myself “I would have never in a million years liked this item if the person on IG wasn’t wearing it” so it just goes to show that clothes look totally different once you have them on.

Finally, many of the items these ladies wear are very affordable.  Some pieces are at the low range and some may be higher in cost.  But get what you can afford or look for similar pieces in your price range.  This is just the starting point.

Here are my favorite curvy girls that I think you should be following on IG:

TrendyCurvy: @mskristine Los Angelos

Chasity Garner Valentine: @garnerstyle Atlanta

CeCe Olisa: @ceceolisa New York

Gabi: @gabifresh Los Angelos

Triena Deniese: @trienadeniese Atlanta

When I tell you that these ladies inspire me every single day, I mean that!  I’ve ordered a number of things just from following their blog or following them on IG.  From swimsuits, to bras, jeans, shoes, and so much more!  If only, I had the budget to buy every outfit that they’re posting! The struggle is real sometimes!  But trust me, these ladies will have you headed in the right direction.

When it comes to plus or curvy size, this particular group of ladies are my favorite because they all are fashionable, they each do a great job of showcasing their different styles, and they often make me think outside the box.  With each fashion blogger being in a different locality you will be able to get a taste of the different styles each have to offer.  The fact that these ladies are advocates for curvy girls and body positivity is astonishing, to say the least.  I say astonishing because society has put so much pressure on being “skinny” and if you’re not what they consider “skinny” then you’re not worthy of being beautiful, or cute, or having style.

I also love following these ladies because they are able to embrace their size while also putting forth effort to live healthy lives.  If we are honest with one another, then we know that all woman aren’t built to be skinny, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be unhealthy and unfashionable.  We can be both, healthy and fashionable, and still look good!

Finally, I love these ladies because they are all excellent at allowing their personality to shine through their blogs as well as their IG post.

The good thing about Instagram or following their blogs is the info is always there.  So just in case you aren’t able to purchase in that very moment, you can always refer back the post later to purchase.  Just pray that the item hasn’t sold out. 🙂

Here are a few pictures of me that was inspired from the ladies above:


TrendyCurvy featured these pants on her IG–from JcPenny’s.


GabiFresh featured these shoes in one of her post a few years ago. From Maurices.


I fell in love with this shirt when I first saw Garnerstyle with it on.  Shirt is from Lane Bryant a little over a year ago.  PS: Say hello to my Hubby! 🙂

FYI: Cover photo Floral Kimono first seen on TrendyCurvy–From JcPenny!

I hope this blog helps some of my curvy friends out there.  Remember that you are not defined by the size that is printed on the tag inside of your clothes.


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