There’s a meeting in my Bedroom!

Warning:  This post is for Adults only! 

Ladies!!  Ladies!!  Ladies!!  Ladies!!

Are you having enough sex?  Are you pleasing your man?  Are you keeping it spicy and juicy as well as fresh in the bedroom?  Yup, that’s the conversation we’re having today.

Let me tell you….sex is necessary.  You can’t keep doing the same old thing day in and day out.  You have to spice it up.  Start that fire and let your man add to it and then put the flame out, okay!  Tell your man he has a fire he needs to put out and that you’re in need of the Vitamin D!

Sometimes you have to show up at the front door with something sexy on and a cute pair of heels; catch him off guard, those are always the best moments.  Sometimes you may need to make arrangements for the kids to stay at grandma’s house.  Or perhaps if you’re like me with teenagers in the house–you go in your room, shut and lock the door and turn the TV or music up.  Honey, you have to get it in where you can.

We all have long days at work and sometimes away from our significant others for hours throughout the day.  Do you ever text your man something sexy or send an emoji to let him know it’s going to be on tonight?

Emoji references:

🍆 = penis

🍑 = booty

👅 = lick

💋 = kisses

😘 = kisses

There are times when you may want to make love, then there are times when you just need a quickie, or you may need a little action at 3AM and then roll back over to go to sleep.  Shoot, there may be times when you just want to be nasty and do nasty things and that is okay too!

It’s funny, because I’ve always been a daddy’s girl.  However, I’ve never discussed anything remotely close to sex with my father.  At 16 years old he gave me a promise ring and told me to sustain from having sex before marriage.  Well of course that didn’t happen but my dad never really said much about it.  My father is also an ordained minister and when I got married he married my husband and I.  But before we were married we had “counseling” sessions with my father because of course, that’s what black people do before marriage.  While talking with my father he tells me to make sure I’m keeping my husband satisfied in the bedroom and having lots of sex.  Because it’s important in a marriage and because sex matters a whole lot to men.  I was taken aback when I heard that come out of my dads mouth.  I was his little girl or at least I wanted to think I was.  But in fact I was a full-grown adult about to be married and he was telling me to be sure my man was happy in the bedroom.   I figured if my daddy was telling me this then there must be some truth to it!

I believe that I’m currently in my prime years.  The years between 30-40, the time when we really need to be getting it in.  Because from what I hear once that menopause hit–there may be some drought happening and we really don’t have time for no dry desert situations.  So while we are still in our prime, the next time you and your man decide to get it on, be sure that you’re giving him all of you.  Be like Missy Elliot and sing to yourself, “P****Y don’t fail me now!”  Order some sexy lingerie.  Decide to try something different.  Make you a sexy music playlist and have it on hand for when you need it most.  Don’t forget to grab your oils and toys for the bedroom too.

Grant it, there are days when we as ladies just can’t seem to get the strength to go to the bathroom, let alone, to have sex.  Just like with finances, or dealing with the kids, or personal issues, communication is important when it comes to sex.  Don’t be afraid to have those sexual conversations with your partner.  That way both parties are being pleased on a consistent basis.  Because ladies, it’s just as important that you are being pleased too!

The D Challenge

I go hound for the D

Pound for pound for the D

I jump up & down, then on the ground for the D

Don’t mess around with the D

I take my time with the D

Anytime, yes indeed

I freshened up for the D

Baked a cake for the D, cuz I’m about to put him to sleep

I put the turtleneck on the D

But I’m careful with the teeth

My dude is like Drake, he’s back to back for the P!

– Itoja

If you’re not married and having sex please be sure you are having safe sex. 

Got comments? Leave them below! 

Keep it Spicy,


4 thoughts on “There’s a meeting in my Bedroom!

  1. Hahaha!! Just know when you break your box springs a few times- you definitely be getting it in 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💕💕💕🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️👅👅👅

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