Should you Clicklist or should you not?

Ordering groceries online is the new thing.  Just about every store these days has a newly renovated pickup area outside where you can just pull up, call into the store, and someone bring your groceries directly to you after you’ve already submitted your online order.  For the store I frequent often, they refer to this as “Clicklist.”

I will say, that is very convenient.  I’ve done it twice.  But it is not my favorite thing to do.  I just think to myself, how much lazier could one be?  I’m paying a few extra dollars for someone else to walk around the store and pick out my groceries.

I felt obligated to tip the workers the first time I tried the service but they quickly told me they weren’t allowed to take tips.  Huh?  For some reason that really shocked and bothered me.  Besides that, whenever I think about doing the “Clicklist” option I’m always out of the timing brackets for the day.  For a service such as this, I need it either really early in the morning or really late at night.

Perhaps, its a great option to have if you have several little kids at home and a working husband and going to the grocery store is a hassle for you.  But for me I’d rather be able to pick out my own items while browsing the isles.  I want my tomatoes a certain way, I want my bananas green, I don’t want my canned items to be bent, and I could go on and on.  I’m just a picky person.

So I don’t want to tell you that you should or should not “Clicklist.” I think it’s a personal preference for sure.  With the busy Holiday season approaching I would imagine that going the “Clicklist” route could very well come in handy.  Although it’s not my number one way to shop for groceries don’t look at me differently if you see me pull up to the pickup section.

Have any of you tried the “Clicklist” option at stores?  I know Kroger’s offers this service if you have one in your area.  Walmart also has this option and a handful of other stores.  Let me know your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Should you Clicklist or should you not?

  1. I love clicklist. I use it at Walmart and Sams Club as well. My major grocery shopping involves like 5 stores, including a trip to the butcher so it helps. I’ll order it and my husband will pick it up and have it put away before I get home. He never gets the right stuff lol. I don’t use it all the time, but it’s convenient for my sometimes busy weeks

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  2. I was a skeptic but when I saw I could do it for free I said well let me try this out. I am an impulse buyer and buy things I don’t truly need because it is on sale or clearance. The first time was good but I learned a lot. The second time it was better because if they didn’t have the item I wanted they subbed it for a nicer item for the cheaper price. What’s not to love I could see if you were very particular how it would be a bad thing for you. 🙂

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