Get paid to shop online!!

Where are my online shoppers?  I love shopping online, waiting for my package to arrive, and being excited to finally hold it in my hands.  I do a lot of online shopping but even more during the Holiday season. If you’re anything like me, and as busy as I am, then lets get ready to rumble as we approach our favorite time of the year and tons of boxes at our doors.

Honestly, I feel bad for the UPS man that’s delivering my packages every other day but the fact that I no longer live in an apartment on the third floor should bring him some type of joy this season!

As much as I love shopping online, I love even more getting paid to shop online.

Let me explain: offer cash back from over 2500 stores.  To get started, first go to Ebates and sign up.  From there, search for whatever store you want to shop from.  Once you find your store, you will see the cash back percentage for that store as well as SHOP NOW.  Click on SHOP NOW and Ebates will direct you to the stores website where you will shop as normal.  Whatever your total is, you will receive the cash back percentage that the store is offering at the moment.  Ebates will add up all of the cash back money you have earned from that quarter and they will mail you what they refer to as a BIG FAT CHECK or you can have your money sent to you via PayPal (which is the option I use).

The key is to always check Ebates first before shopping online to make sure the store you want to shop from is a part of the cash back option.  You never want to leave money left on the table.  For every online order I submit this Holiday season, I’m going to first.  I’m already owed $13 for this current quarter and I’m just getting started. 🙂 Of course, the more you shop online the more money you will get back.

FYI: Cash Back percentages range per store and the percentages can also fluctuate so be sure to always check out the Cash Back options.  It is honestly, the best way to shop!

Click HERE to join and to start earning cash whenever you shop online.  Cyber Monday is just around the corner — How are you preparing for the big day?



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