Dos and Dont’s (October Edition)

Hello Friends!

We are back again with our October rendition of “Dos and Don’ts.”  Remember in August, I mentioned that we would be skipping the month of September because it was a really busy month for me and I had to take a few weeks off to get married and vacation properly.  Well, time moves fast when you’re having fun and already we are in October.Hopefully, the Fall Season is making its way into your part of the world.  On the East Coast it’s still rather warm but with all of the Fall decorations in the stores and everything being in the flavor of pumpkin spice, you really can’t help but to embrace the change.

I’m excited to get into this months list of Do’s and Don’ts so lets jump right in!

Shana:  Don’t expecting mediocre people to be great, only great people can be great!

Toya:  I believe we all are humans and at some point whether we are mediocre, great, or what have you–we all will make mistakes.  I think the problem is we put so many people on these high pedestals and then expect for them to never do any wrong.  Life just doesn’t work that way.

S:  Fail your way to success.

T:  Or know somebody that know somebody!

S:  I used to say treat people the way you want to be treated, now I feel like it’s more treat people the way they treat you.

T:  I kinda agree with that.

S:  Some people never grow up so it’s best just to leave them in the past.

T:  I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that a person may come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  It is important to learn which category a person falls in and to also learn if their purpose has been served and if it’s time to let them go.  Can I get an Amen!?

S:  You can’t change someone’s way of thinking, but you can show them a better way.

T:  Very true.

S:  Everything isn’t for everybody, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

T:  You never know unless you try.  If at first you don’t succeed–dust yourself off and try again!

S:  People in your life should reduce your stress not be the cause of it.

T:  Where’s the lie in this statement?  I don’t see one!

S:  Relationship = compromise

T:  The 3 C’s of Relationship: Communicate, Compromise, and Commit.  That’s a whole blog within itself.  Maybe one day! 🙂

S:  Reflect don’t dwell, learn from the past and move on.

T:  This is like a Do and a Don’t all in one.  I love it!  Learning from the past in order to be a better YOU in the future.

S:  Think before you speak! I sometimes have no filter and probably should take a step back before saying some of the things I do, but sometimes it’s really hard to bite my tongue.

T:  Well……lol

S:  If you don’t show respect, you will not get respect in return. So don’t expect respect out of someone if you aren’t giving them that same courtesy!

T:  Sounds self-explanatory to me.

S:  Do your research, don’t just jump in!  That’s like diving in water and without knowing how deep.

T:  This little gem could be used in so many areas of our everyday lives and could save us so much time and energy.  Perfect analogy.

There you have it!  Octobers Dos and Dont’s.  As always, thank you to Shana for always providing her Dos and Don’ts for the month where I just politely share my thoughts behind them.  To catch up on prior months of Do’s and Don’ts click HERE.

Remember: If you’re going out for Halloween this year please be safe and have lots of fun.  

One of my personal Dos of the month is to make some Pumpkin Pancakes.  I made them about three or four years ago and they were really good but I haven’t made them since.  So that’s on this months list of Dos! 

Do you have any Fall related activities on your “To-Do” list?  Or perhaps you’re going to incorparate one of the items on todays list into your everyday lifestyle?  I’m eager to know so drop me a line in the comments section!

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Shana lives in VA with her husband and daughter.


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