“The Read” – Wedding Edition

September 2, 2018 will forever be one of the best days of my life.  It is the day that I said “I do” to my very best friend.  

Now, that I have gotten that out-of-the-way I want to dedicate this blog to the just a few things that really annoyed me leading up to this special day and then afterwards.  Yup, I’m reading all of y’all–so if the shoe fit–then wear it!

  1. The lack of RSVPing

When will people begin to learn wedding etiquette is my ultimate question?  Quite frankly, we could possibly care less to who comes to the wedding (meaning how many ppl attending).  The point of the invitation is to get a heads up on how much food we will need to accommodate all of our guest.

It is the year of 2018 people.  Perhaps you’ve never planned a wedding or had a REAL wedding before but I know for sure you’ve probably been to a wedding.  Nothing about a wedding is cheap.  Caterers charge at least, $15 or $20 per person, depending on who the caterer is or what foods you may or may not be serving.  Everything down to the napkin you use to wipe your mouth cost money.  So the next time someone invites you to their wedding, the next time someone even thinks about adding you to their guest list, or the next time you’re invited to any event where you have to RSVP–please do so in LOVE!  Trust me when I tell you, if you can’t make it, the Bride or Groom or whomever is giving the event will not be offended as long as you RSVP.  The worst thing to do is to not RSVP and then show up as if you want a plate to indulge in!

When you fail to RSVP you’ve not only left me in limbo because I do not know what you plan to do but you’ve also wasted the stamp that I have provided on the RSVP portion of the invitation.  Literally, all you have to do is to check YES or NO and drop it in the mailbox!  Are we really that lazy?

2.  Failing to Read the entire invitation

To continue with the concept of it being 2018 and people are more computer savvy than years past, on my printed invitation was the basic information.  I chose to go with the three-fold invitation that had the perforated RSVP section to tear off and mail back (if you followed these simple directions, thank you).

Because I chose to go this route I provided a personal website on the invitation where you could visit at anytime to find out more information.  On this website you could find info about the venue, hotel accommodations, gift registries, and so much more.  The fact that people failed to even visit the website was very frustrating to me but yet you want to text me over and over with the same questions.

3.  Facebook doesn’t run me

When my husband and I decided to get marred 13 months ago; we purposely decided not to post it to Facebook.  It was one of those things that we wanted to be sacred to us.  Not saying that no-one should post their engagements on Facebook, it’s just we decided not to.  So after we were married and individuals started posting pictures onto Facebook, which we were completely okay with, people started asking if our marriage was planned or if it was a spur of the moment type deal.

THIS, had me pissed-off for several reasons.  One being, I don’t have to announce my every single solitary move on Facebook.  Facebook doesn’t run me…I run Facebook and everything that I post on there.  Just because something hasn’t been posted onto Facebook for your enjoyment doesn’t mean that it is not official.  Let me be extra clear with all of you, all of our close friends and family knew that we were getting married.  There were even some friends/family that didn’t know, just because we may not talk on an everyday basis, but were still invited to the wedding, and still came because they realized that Facebook is not a place you go to do fact checking!

Second, we wanted to use this engagement time to focus on planning our wedding instead of people being all in our business trying to give us their unwanted opinions.  I purposely chose not to have an engagement ring because I wanted to do things differently (for those saying, I never saw an engagement ring).  I had been engaged twice with rings both times to no avail.  I wanted to do it differently this time and guess what?  It worked.  So, no our wedding was not a spur of the moment type thing.  I’m not a spur of the moment type chic, just so you know!

Third, to trace us back to the beginning of this post, this wasn’t a Facebook RSVP type deal, it wasn’t a 3 year old birthday party–So I didn’t need to post anything onto Facebook.  Some of you may want to stop looking to Facebook for all of your current news.

For the record, we started planning 13 months prior as I’ve mentioned above.  Besides, when you have to rent venues, caterers, and spend $700 plus dollars on a wedding cake/dessert table…you don’t do that kind of stuff at the last-minute.

I just had to get those few things off my chest because I really don’t understand the nerve of some people!  Despite these three things my wedding day was a blast!  I’d love to hear some of the things that pissed you off when it came to your wedding.  Leave your comments below!



10 thoughts on ““The Read” – Wedding Edition

  1. I was pissed off when my hired help don’t come through. My cake was leaning, the professional shouldn’t told me she couldn’t do what I wanted or suggested an alternative. My limo driver didn’t show up at the church but yet he came late to the reception with a bottle of wine. Hunnnnny, there was so much stuff I can’t even remember it all. But 27 years later we laugh about it! 😊

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  2. Toya,

    Great article. You were a gorgeous bride and everything was beautiful! I enjoyed the Journey book which was a unique idea.

    I was one of the ones who didn’t RSVP b/c during that time I was going back & forth to Maryland, that task was given to hubby and he forgot (sorry).

    Well, my initial wedding was in the church office as we didn’t want anyone to know we were married after 5 weeks of knowing each other. Negative feedback was given when we sent out the reception invitation for May 2010…people where wondering about the church wedding? We ended up just renewing our vows in front of his family and a few of my close friends. I wore a navy dress b/c I didn’t want anything traditional. During the reception we announced we had been married since 2.14.10. We still laugh occasionally about the expressions on people’s faces. 🤣

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