Why Home Chef* wasn’t for me?

*ADDENDUM: Earlier today I posted this blog with incorrect information. The company I used was Home Chef and NOT HelloFresh. So, as you read any references towards HelloFresh should be redirected to Home Chef* -Toya


Around this time last year, I had been bombarded with the idea that meal kit services could make my life easier.  Whether it was from online ads, TV commercials, or just friends falling in love with these types of services, the idea was constantly being thrown my way.

To be able to go online, pick out the food that I wanted for the week, and wait several days for it all to be delivered to my front door almost felt too good to be true.

Of course, I eventually had to give it a try.  Besides, I hate wondering “What’s for Dinner?”  However, by this time, there were so many meal kit services out on the market that advertised on being healthy and quick, I really didn’t know which way to turn.  Eventually, I chose to go with Home Chef.  One, because I was given a referral code from a friend and two, because I was given a referral code from a friend!img_1337

I waited anxiously for about a week until my box arrived promptly at my front door.  I loved that part of the service.  Inside the box were two meals that I had previously handpicked via the website with everything that I needed.  So far, so good!


I loved the recipe sheets.  Home Chef even included a binder to keep all of your recipes together.  I thought that was a great idea and I was really excited about that.

Everything was packaged nicely and kept cool with the provided ice packs in the box.  Next it was time to prepare the meals.

Here is where the tables began to turn:

  1. The number one marketing tactic around all of the meal kit services available today is about saving time.  So when I saw that I literally had to hand chop all of the vegetables, immediately, I knew no time was going to be saved on this particular day.  One of the meals I had selected consisted of pico de gallo…I had to literally chop the onion, tomato, the lime, the peppers and mix it all together.  Sweetheart, I can buy this already made and chopped for me over in the produce section at my nearest Kroger.  That saves me time.
  2. The other reason why Home Chef wasn’t for me is because it wasn’t enough food for my family.  Thankfully, I was just feeding two of us that night.  My fiancé and myself.  But on a regular night, kids are in the mix.  So if, this meal that should have served at least 3 was barely enough for two, I couldn’t see how this would be beneficial for my family.
  3. With these meal kit services, it’s one of those deals where you’ll automatically be charged weekly for however many meals you’ve signed up for.  You can go in each week to either cancel your meals with no additional charge or to swap the default meals of the week for a different choice.  I wasn’t oppose to any of this but I also wasn’t fond of it.  It’s just another thing I have to remember to do that’s already attached to my debit or credit card.

Because of these three reasons, I decided not to order again from Home Chef, or from any other meal kit service company.  Sure, I could have increased my servings per meal but I didn’t think it was worth it.  It saddens me that I wasn’t in loved with it because I truly loved the idea of being able to plan my meals out a head of time AND home deliveries to my front door would have been the icing on the cake.  But, my high expectations were not met.  I cancelled or suspended my services all together.  I didn’t have time to be going in each week to cancel my order, besides I knew I would never order again. So back to the everyday question of, “What’s for dinner?” Ugh!!!!

Perhaps you have a different perspective than I do?  If you’ve ever ordered from a meal service company before, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Why Home Chef* wasn’t for me?

  1. From the label on the box it looks like you tried Home Chef. But I too have used Hello fresh because I received a code for a free box from a friend. I liked being able to go online and choose 3 meals for $50 and since I was only ordering servings for 2 people for just me, I always had leftovers and basically ate lunch and dinner for 2 days off one meal. I usually looked at the month to see what I wanted and cancelled weeks up to 3 months in advance just in case and went back on to schedule a week if I needed to. I liked having that they delivered to my door. I think that’s where I saved time. I understand not saving time by having to chop ingredients, but my dilemma was more so getting to the grocery story and buying ingredients. I didn’t mind the preparation and cooking time. Nothing really took me more than 30-45 mins. I cancelled my subscription because I’ve been traveling so much and it just wasn’t worth it if I wasn’t going to be able to use all the ingredients for all the meals for that week. I could see it being a problem for a family. But for just me it worked out pretty well. I saved all the recipes I used, and was able to try new things and flavors I wouldn’t have thought of. But as always, I appreciate your honesty.

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    • My honestly may be a little more appreciated if I could at least get the name of the company I used right. Smh. So yes, it was Home Chef and for some reason I can never remember that name and I have always called it HelloFresh so apparently it didn’t dawn on me that I used a completely different service.

      Anyway, I think these services are perfect if you’re only cooking for one! Because like you said you can have leftovers and really get your monies worth. When it came down to trying to cook for my man…..he looked at me sideways like, where’s the rest of the food? He can eat for two people alone. You had a good suggestion of perhaps canceling meals weeks in advance…I never really thought of that.


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