I’m Wishing on a Dream…

In today’s post, I want you–yes you–to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and just day-dream for a minute or two.  Let your imagination take you on a journey that perhaps you haven’t traveled along in many years.

One thing I love about children, they never forfeit the opportunity to imagine or daydream.  They are okay with allowing their thoughts to lead them to a land of possibilities and “what-ifs.”

As adults, everyday life usually gets the best of us.  However, I believe if we take a few minutes to daydream and to explore our minds you just never know where it may lead us.  Besides, daydreaming can be a form of relieving stress when we channel our minds to other places.

Need ideas of what to daydream about? Here are a few:

If you won a billion dollars, what would you do with it?  How do you think your life would change?  What would be one of the first things you would buy?

Think about being on a beach under the shade and what type of book you would be reading?

Think about where you want to see yourself in five years?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Think about a change you wish you could see in the world, and perhaps how you could make a difference?

What about your dream home, or a dream car?  What do those things look like to you?

Our dreams are only part of the vision.  Let your imagination be the starting  point to any achievement you wish to have.  After you dream it, write it down, and take the necessary steps to turn those dreams into reality!

Feel free to answer any of the suggested ideas listed above in the comments below.  Or, perhaps you want to add your own dreamy ideas to the comment section.  Either way……

……Dream on!!!!


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