Dos and Don’ts (June Edition)

Hey guys!

For a second I thought we weren’t going to have the June edition of Dos and Don’t due to my partner, Shana (who collabs with me for this specific segment of Itoja) being busy and enjoying herself on vacation.

But like always she has come through and has yet to let us down.

She’s created this edition especially for the Summer; so take heed and enjoy!

Shana:  I can’t stress this enough- it is hot we all sweat and no one wants to smell your sweat! Take a bath; wear deodorant, lotion, and put on some perfume.  But definitely take a bath and wear deodorant!!!

Toya:  And if you choose not to keep up your personal hygiene please stay home!! Thank you kindly.

S:  If you are going to wear sandals take care of your feet!!  I am not saying that you have to pay money to get a pedicure because you can clip your nails and paint them at home.

T:  I’m going to let you in on a secret.  I like feet.  I think they are cute.  But you must keep them up!!

S:  If you have children, make sure they know water safety, how to swim, what to and not to do around water- this could save a life!  There are plenty of places that offer swim lessons.

T:  Parents…..make sure you’re watching your kids when you’re at the pool or around a big body of water.  Nothing scares me more than a child in water because you just never know what will happened if you blink or turn your head for just a second. (Just throwing my two-cents in there)

S: I know I said this last month but wear sunscreen Or be like Toya and only do 30 minutes in the sun, I always tell her she has the best skin I’m sure this is why!! Haha seriously though.. we all need sunscreen, Toya can get burnt in her 30 minutes also.

T: Yes, guys…you should all be like me!  But either way you should def wear sunscreen.

S:  I understand it is hot and clothes make you hotter, BUT this does not mean that you can show more skin of yours than any of us want to see!  Please be tactful in your attire.

T:  Please save your two-piece bikini looking outfits for the pool!  Be classy…not trashy! Haha

S:  If you have pets, don’t leave them outside all day in the blistering sun- if you have no choice make sure they have shade and plenty of water.

T:  I am not an animal person at all.  BUT, I believe that you should pay special attention to your pets whenever the weather is extreme.

S:  I’m all about planning and making bucket lists- so make a Summer one, things you can only do in the summer. Go putt putting, go to a vineyard, rent a boat at the lake, take a mini vacation or even a week if you can afford to the beach!

T:  (1) This is probably my favorite “DO” of the month!  I think I can check the Vineyard off because in May, we took a Sunday and drove to about 5 different vineyards/wineries.  Here’s a tip:  Download the Vino Wine, wine app to your phone.  It will show you the nearest wineries wherever you are.  There is never an excuse to not knowing where the closest vineyard is from you!  Make a day for some adult fun.  It’s easy, fun, and inexpensive.  (2) My vacation isn’t until the end of the Summer but renting a boat on a lake sounds like fun! Or hiking. Be active.


S: Stay hydrated- Don’t over do it in this sun!

T:  Heat exhaustion is no joke.  Did you know that water is your best-friend?  I tend to eat ice a lot to cool me off although they say that isn’t good for you.  But I’ve fainted a few times and that is not a good feeling either so Ice it is.  So while I love Summer I also choose to stay cool and hydrated.

S: Socks and sandals DO NOT go together!!

T:  This is a major No-No!

S:  We should all make an appointment with the dermatologist just to have any moles or spots checked .. to be on the safe side.

T:  Great Idea!

S:  If you are going to wear a sunless tanner, make sure you take all the proper steps (like exfoliating) before applying; also wipe around the edges of your fingers and toes– baby wipes work great.  This will prevent you from having rust colored fingers.

T:  As a black girl–I really have no clue as to what she’s talking about–But if you do, then take her advice.

This just may be my favorite edition yet.  I love Summer; besides it’s usually when I take my vacation.  I also love bringing these Do’s and Don’ts to you every month.  Where else can you be informed and entertained all in one place?  Click HERE for past editions.  Of course these are merely suggestions from two girls who are friends but who are also very different.

I want to challenge you all to embrace those who may be different from you.  Take the opportunity to pull something greater from them than just the areas where you may differ.  I’ve found that your differences are usually the beams that keep you stable and balanced.

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Shana lives in VA with her husband and daughter.


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