How “woke” are you?

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman.

The most unprotected person in America is the black woman.

The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” ~ Malcolm X

Just how “woke” are you?  The term “being woke” stems from the ideology of being aware and informed from a sociological aspect.  Particularly in reference to the black culture.

Many will claim that they are “woke” or “woke-ish” – if you want to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

However, I’m starting to question one’s ability to be “woke” when we (myself included) tend to put people on pedestals as if they could do no wrong.  From preachers to entertainers to family members and so on.  These people are humans just like the rest of us and it’s time to for us to stop being so naïve.

I also question one’s ability to be “woke” when the value of black females is not a concern of the culture or the human race.  We are quick to cover and defend African-American men but we do not do the same for African-American women.  For decades R. Kelly has had inappropriate relationships with black women and young girls and nothing has been said.  The culture has ignored allegations because we don’t want to bring another “Brother” down, BUT on the flip side Kelly is abusing African American women and no one is on their side.  Instead, you’re continuously going to his concerts and throwing panties on the stage.

Black people stood beside OJ Simpson like they’ve never stood beside anyone else before and we all know OJ is a murderer.  Let’s stop sugar-coating crimes and violations just because it’s a black man that’s committing them.  Let’s stop acting like certain people, because of their public figure status, aren’t subject to doing wrong.  Some of us have yet to separate Bill Cosby from his CHARACTER on the Cosby Show.  I’ll be the first to admit that at one point, I didn’t believe the stories of rape that individuals were coming out with.  But after a while I had to go deep down inside to reevaluate myself and my thoughts.  How could I take away someone else’s truth?  I only knew him based off of his CHARACTER that he portrayed on his show.  A person can have the greatest intentions but still do bad.  A person can be a great actor but still a bad person.  Or a great Pastor in the pulpit but a bad person once outside the church double doors.

But furthermore, when was I going to stand up for women?  While I’ve never been raped, I have been in some uncomfortable situations.  I have felt the pressure coming from men on a number of occasions all because they thought they were entitled.  As a mother to a teenage daughter, no longer could I continue to ignore and make excuses for such behavior!

If we’re really “woke”, lets stand for all people no matter race or gender.  Wrong is wrong and right is right.  We have to stop supporting people who takes advantage of the weak, the underdog, and just women in general.

Women should be valued too!



4 thoughts on “How “woke” are you?

  1. Wow this is deep. Very thought provoking. I can honestly say it took me a while to formulate an opinion around the Bill Cosby case, because in my mind he was Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable. The father I grew up watching. I had to separate the two. I agree that Bill Cosby was wrong and guilty, but I still watch the Cosby show (not on tv cuz the pulled the show after the verdict, but I bought he complete series). But thats just me. Same goes for Chris Brown. I don’t condone domestic violence. I haven’t been to anymore of his concerts. But I like him as an artist. I’m still gonna listen to his music. R. Kelly, I won’t go to any of his concerts and if any of his songs come on during my playlist shuffle I actually skip it (with the exception to Step in the name of love and Ignition). It’s tough, but you’re right. We shouldn’t make excuses. We shouldn’t ignore the wrong doings.

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    • We must all start somewhere. Like I said, I was completely on the fence with Bill Cosby but I had to wake all the way up!! Like you said it’s a matter of separating the two. And I also have the complete series of the Cosby Show.

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  2. “Women should be valued too” Its not just in America its here in Africa too, I guess it’s a black thing and it all starts with our upbringing, Parents make excuses for the male children more than they would a female child, So the suppression and differential treatment starts from the home.

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