The Days of our Lives

Here I am in my late 30’s and suddenly I feel like time is just moving too fast.  For years it seemed like I’ve rushed life away.  I’ve been a little girl, desperately wanting to be a teenager.  Then once I became a teenager my 20’s couldn’t get here soon enough.  Now that I’m in my late 30’s it has hit me that I’m getting older and older by the minute and time is flying!

It seems like it was yesterday that I graduated from high school and now I get to experience my nephew on his way to college this year.  Someone please pinch me!!  What seems like was just yesterday has now turned into twenty-plus years ago.  I remember toying around with the word “adult” and saying that I was grown at 20 but now I’m a full-fledged adult with my load of responsibilities.  Oh, and the fact that my daughter has stated to me that I was old–pretty much confirms everything.  Like she has presented me with the facts before I even asked for them!

Yes, it’s true, my hands don’t look as youthful as they once did.  Thank you God for not sending the gray hairs just yet!  However, I’m watching my parents get older and older and I’m also watching my grandparents get older.  Their wrinkles represent wisdom to me but it’s hard to accept that for myself.  Aging has become this hard pill to swallow because in my eyes I feel like there are things on my checklist that should have been checked off already but yet they are still pending.

We get older, wiser, and we wrinkle. Often times we reminiscence on the memories we’ve shared and created over the years; with each year the memories beginning to fade.  Getting older has its advantages but the downside of getting older is that you’re now going to more funerals.  I haven’t really grasp this part of life yet.  Especially after losing my grandfather and uncle within the last few years.  Just the thought of a funeral makes my eyes water.

Time goes by and it never comes back.  Time doesn’t wait for you to get yourself together.  Ready or not, time goes on.  As with anything in life, we take the good with the bad and we keep ticking.  This age thing is a continuous cycle that repeats itself through every generation.  One tick and one wrinkle at a time!

via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle


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