I’d rather be…

I’m loving this weeks photo challenge!  When asked “what would you rather be doing right now,” …my answer will always be; Traveling!

If I could be a little more clearer, I’d rather be traveling on a cruise ship!  For me, nothing can top this.  It’s the best way to travel, the best way to unwind, and to escape the world.  It is also the best way to visit a few locations in one trip, enjoy all you can eat food, and be waited on hand and foot.  Whether you’re with your family, your friends, or significant other, …it’s perfect for any group and all occasions.  Let me not forget the  unlimited activities, entertainment, and drinks!!!!!!!

I’m picturing myself now in the middle of the ocean on a fancy cruise ship, sitting on the deck 17, basking in the sun– covered in coconut oil, with literally no worries in the world.  I’ve been on 5 cruises so far and I honestly can’t wait to go again.

Yup, that’s what I’d rather be doing.  What about you?


A picture I took in Labadee, Haiti: 2017-Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas

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See ya around!

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