Beverly Hills: Telling a story via Pictures

Once upon a time (like in 2016), I lived life as the Rich and Famous.  Even though it was only for a few hours….I lived it and I LOVED IT!!


I could truly be a Hollywood type of girl, living in Beverly Hills…but I would want to be behind the scenes and just living my own little life.

One fancy store at a time…….

One fancy hotel at a time……

One great house at a time!!!!!


One beautiful sunset at a time…..

Have you ever wondered what life would be like to be rich?  To be able to go and buy as you pleased whenever you wanted?  While I have no desire to really be rich I do have a desire to be wealthy.  And for me, being wealthy is only a matter of time and a matter of perspective.  No wondering needed on that part.  Give me a few more years and I’ll tell you what it’s like! Haha

via Daily Prompt: Wonder

via Photo Challenge: Story


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