Apparently, I’m just a text away!?

Everything I do, exist of me being on my phone.  From paying bills, to emailing, to social media, shopping….everything.  But apparently, I’m a HUGE texter.  My cell phone provider sent me an email breaking down my usage for 2017.

I was blown away!


80k text? Are you kidding me?  That’s over 6k text a month, about 1668 text a week, 238 text a day, and 9 text per hour!  If you put it that way, it does seem possible!

I know some people hate texting.  I honestly don’t mind it at all.  I’d rather text than talk on the phone and that’s probably not good.  But Life Goes ON!

Are you addicted to texting?  You could join me in texting anonymous! HaHa!


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