My heart is in pieces #Parkland

Last night I sat in bed and just scrolled my Twitter timeline and read all the text from students who sent “I love you” text to family and friends. Not because it was Valentine’s Day, but because their school was under attack.  They were living in the moment of a mass shooter running through their school in Florida.  Pictures showed them on the floor under desk with classrooms being invaded by police.

Tears immediately began to fall down my face.  Each day we send our children off to school, to a place that is supposed to be safe.

My heart aches because I can’t imagine getting such texts from my daughter who is 13 while she is in school or any other place.

My heart is also sick.  Sick and tired of voters and law makers not realizing the harm that these guns have, being on our streets, with no control.  Whether it’s a school, a concert, a movie theater, out the window of a hotel….it needs to end.

My heart is confused.  How do you blame this on “insane” people and not guns?  I guess the United States is the only country with “insane” people?  No way.  There’s a much bigger picture here and with any problem we need to get to the root of it. This root being…..GUNS.

Rabia O’Chaudry put in a much simpler form:

Let’s just be honest here for a second.  We have a gun in our home.  A hand gun.  But if it means giving up our gun in order for kids to be safe. In order for adults to be safe in public places….I’m ready to turn it in.  No one needs access to AK-47s and any of those big magnitude guns. What is this a war zone?  It’s becoming look like one, that’s for sure.

My heart worries for our future.  It worries about those who have no regards for life but have the audacity to take the life of others.  It’s one thing to target adults or even kill yourself.  Geez.  But kids?  Unfortunately, this killer was just a kid himself.  Only 19.  This is a sad-sad world.

At what point do we stop creating hashtags and start changing these laws to better benefit this generation and the world we live in today?  Is a person right to bare arms worth more than a person’s life?  Are the words compassion and love and empathy no longer valuable words?  It’s time for law makers to stop hiding behind money, behind the costumes and mask that they wear, and to truly face the facts.

The Comedian DL Hughley said it best:

Let’s stop the violence.  Let’s all be the change that we want to see.  Let’s be more active in our communities and especially when it comes to voting.


Where are you?

We need change.

Join the movement to end gun violence: Text ACT to 644-33.

Besides, I need my heart back in one piece.

This post may contain affiliate information however all opinions are of my own.


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