V Day 2/14/18

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers across the world!

You guys have shown me so much love in the few months that I’ve been blogging and I cannot be more grateful.  If the below picture has your country shaded with any color……I THANK YOU!  This map tells me where my readers are.  The difference in color only states where I have the most readers.

Itoja is on its way to being world-wide! 


For the rest of this post, I’m dedicating it to my man, whom I affectionately call, Boo!  I look at Valentine’s day a little different from when I was younger.  Back then I wanted the gifts and the attention because it would then solidify the fact that “He loves me”, at least that’s what I would tell myself.  As I have gotten older, I don’t need all of that.  I KNOW he loves me and I don’t need one day to tell me that.  Although a little chocolate has never hurt!

Many have asked, how do you know that he is now the one?  Well, that’s a very easy question.  We match each other.  We were both complete within ourselves when we started dating to where we were not looking for someone to complete us, but rather someone to compliment us.  But what has been most important for ME is the fact that he has NEVER, ever, implied that we needed time a part.  He has NEVER left me.  I was use to whenever I had a disagreement with a partner that they would say, “maybe we need time apart?”  So the first time my Boo and I had a disagreement I thought that those would be his next words.  However, he proved me wrong and I knew that he was different.  Also, I love someone who can make me laugh and someone I can just have fun with.  Someone who loves to travel with me and someone who is like my best friend.  He’s a provider, a protector, and a great cook!  With that said, I know he is the one!

Cheers to US!  Below is one of my favorite pictures of us, cake and all.  I think it’s his swag that just turns me on in this picture!  Haha!


Aboard the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Ship 2017–why is everyone staring at us tho?

Enjoy your day love birds!  Any special plans for the day?

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