The perfect Valentine’s dinner in 30 min or less

You all know how busy my life is.  I’m sure yours is just as busy.  So follow me on this quick steak dinner guide to serve up the perfect meal for your special someone for Valentine’s Day this year.  It’s even more perfect because this day of love falls on a weekday and no one has time to spend 3 hours at a restaurant.  With very little effort and ingredients we can conjure up a meal that has “love” written all over it.

Here’s what you’ll need for the steak:

  • Steak – I prefer Rib-eye or NY Strip.  If you’re going to have steak, have a decent one.
  • A pinch of salt & pepper
  • A tablespoon of butter

Add some quick sides:

  • Baked potatoes – I’m getting potatoes that’s ready for the microwave (because time is priceless) plus the toppings I need for my potato
  • Salad mix along with whatever toppings you prefer or a bag of frozen broccoli will work too

For starters, begin with a cast iron skillet.  I purchased my skillet at Target.  I recently learned that using a cast iron skillet is best way to cook steak.  It provides even cooking and a great way to go straight from the stove to the oven which is what we do with this steak.  A one pan clean up always simplifies my life.  Find a cast iron skillet HERE!

To start, be sure your skillet is on a high temperature.  I usually have my stove set to 8 and just let it sit for a few minutes heating.  You want it to be HOT.  While the pan is heating, you can simply season the steak with a little salt and pepper.  You really don’t need much with steak.  If it’s cook correctly, the flavors will show up like those mysterious bills out of nowhere!

After seasoning, add your steak to the hot skillet and let it sear on each side for about 2-3 minutes.  You’re looking to create a beautiful brown color.  You’re not trying to cook the steak but you want to brown it.  After 3 minutes or so flip the steak to the other side.  Add a slice of butter to the top of your steak, it helps with flavor – just do it!img_3163

Next, you’ll want to put your steaks in a heated oven (using the same cast iron skillet) at about 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes, or less, just depending on how you like your steaks.  I can do a medium-well steak but my family is not having it.  They like everything well done.  But note, the longer you cook the steak the less juice it will have.


After your first flip

While the steaks are in the oven throw you some baked potatoes in the microwave and make a toss salad.  Honeeeeeey, it doesn’t get any easier than this.   In 30 minutes we have created a romantic dinner for two or a dinner that will feed your whole family!


Final Product



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