Drinking all the “Waters”

She is fearless and fierce.  She is persuasive and potent.  She is unapologetic and unmovable.  She’s a mix of old school and new school.  She advocates for the unqualified, the poor, and for women’s rights.  She is a Trojan for all black people.  

SHE is Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif), a former teacher and former head start leader.  Congresswoman Waters has been on the political scene for over twenty-six years.  At the tender age of 79 Congresswoman Waters is still as active in Congress as she ever was.  Congresswoman Waters main goal is for the black culture to never be broken down and reverted back to the Civil Rights era or any time prior.  She realizes like many other African American’s that Black people have a lot to lose.  That [we] can’t afford at any point to allow anyone to drag or pull us back to where we use to be.  It is important to continue to rise up, to elevate, and to most importantly, overcome!  Therefore she continuously uses her powerful voice to speak against injustice, the poor, the unqualified, and for women and black people in general.  She doesn’t just stand with you if you’re a Democratic.  She believes in right is right and wrong is wrong.  This is why I love and appreciate Congresswoman Waters.  She’s openly disagreed with things on Obama’s agenda and his dedication or lack thereof of black people as well as Trumps.

Not only is Congresswoman still serving in Congress, but she also still sits on the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Board, est. 1971.  Waters joined the Caucus in 1996; making a point to focused on the well-being of African-Americans.  Which has always been her mission.  I talked briefly about my time interning for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), and remember having to visit the Congresswoman’s office.  Even in the mid 1990’s Congresswoman Waters was taking on controversial issues and handling them with an unapologetic approach.

Recently, Waters has gained a very strong following on Twitter and just like in everyday life, she is known to tweet exactly how she feels.  Like the time when Jeff Sessions avoided a one-on-one with Trump, Waters tweeted, “….He didn’t want to be alone with Trump.  Women around the world can relate.”  Waters is straight and to the point and has become known as “Auntie Maxine” to those following her on Twitter.

Going forward, Congresswoman Waters hope to be that middle person between older politicians and younger politicians.  As the matriarch of politics for the African-American community it is inspiring to have someone in our corner and someone to look up to and of course to learn from.

I’m drinking all these “Waters” because Black Girls Rock, Black Don’t Crack, and Black Lives MATTER!

*Inspirations of blog comes from an article I read in the December 2017 Glamour Issue*


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