Black Card Revoked!

It’s officially Black History Month, and I want to change things up, so I feel its only right to begin with a new card gamed titled “Black Card Revoked!”  Find it HERE.  So in this game, you can pretty much play however you feel fit.  Because the instructions are clearly typed saying, I know you will make up your own rules anyway, so play however you want!  But then they give some general guidelines; like, you can play the religious version and every time you miss an answer read a scripture from the bible.  Or, play the gambling version and when you get an answer right, you get a point.  The goal of the game is to try to answer your question correctly so that your black card, or all the things that make you black (besides your skin color) will not be revoked.

When we played this game back in December, we decided to split off into two teams of five, and we chose to go by the point system or the gambling version as they call it.  We had one person who was the moderator that read each question aloud to the teams.  If a team didn’t choose one of the answers listed then the other team could steal.  But the answers were listed in ABC order and each answer seem like it could easily fit.  Perhaps, the game should be called, “How black are you?”  It took us a while to get the flow of the game because clearly, we were all confused.  I really don’t think we were playing correctly, did we overlook the answer key?  The fact that we were able to make up your own rules, we kept changing the rules as we went along.  Talk about black people.

Here’s an example of a question you might find in this game:

What’s the one food you only ask certain family members to make for Thanksgiving dinner?

A. Deviled Eggs

B. Potato Salad

C. Mac & Cheese

D. Stuffing

So, here you can see that there are multiple answers that would work in this scenario.  I would pick Mac & Cheese because clearly everyone can’t make good Mac & Cheese especially the kind like grandma makes.  If it was up to me, I would leave all the cooking up to grandma but every year we hear “Chiiiild, this my last year cooking” and we all just look at her and laugh and politely say, “Grandma, you say that every year!”

Dear Black Card Revoked: If I could submit a question to be added, I would submit this question.  “When my daughter ask for an allowance I tell her?”  “It’s in your hand”  Meaning, someone pays for that cell phone in your hand every month.  That someone is ME!  That is your allowance.  Now carry on!

What question would you add to the box of Black Card Revoked?  Anyone else ever played?  What are your thoughts on the game?  I’d love to hear from you!  Oh, what’s your answer to the above question about what one dish do you only ask a certain family member to bring to dinner?

Life should be fun! Have a game night.


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