Lord, we need a blizzard and not the kind you eat!

I remember growing up as a young girl and hearing my late great Granny praying and saying, “Lord, send us a snow storm to clean the air!”  She was a Godly woman and prayed for just about everything.  At the time I was a little confused as to how the snow would exactly “clean” the air.  But I know for a fact, that a snow storm is just what we need in the State of Virginia right now.  In fact, Lord, send us a blizzard!  With the flu, and colds, and stomach bugs, and upper respiratory infections, we all need to be trapped inside the house for a good 5 days.

I get it now!  With a snow storm we’re pretty much forced to stay indoors eliminating the act of spreading germs and whatnot.  The air has a chance to clear out and rejuvenate itself.  I can’t think of anything better.  You were right Granny!

Currently, we have so many kids missing school because they are sick, so many adults missing work because they’re sick and then those who are sick and still come to work because they don’t want to waste PTO on a sick day or perhaps gain an occurrence.  It’s just too much.  According to the news, this flu season is the worst we’ve seen in the last 10 years or so.  With that said, the only place you’ll find me is at work or the grocery store and that’s just as bad.  I’m constantly washing my hands.  Ewww.  So come on snow.  One last time for the season.  I’m welcoming you with open arms.  After that bring on Spring!!  My favorite time of the year!

Anyone else have sayings their grandparents would say?  How is the flu season going in your area?  Better yet, anyone else ready for Spring?


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