Photo Challenge: How many ways?

After reading the topic for this week’s photo challenge immediately two things came to mind.  I debated on which direction to go because I  have a hard time making decisions.  Did I want to go the traditional black girl hair theme?  Because we all know that black women run through hair styles as if time is just not on our sides.  Or did I want to go the food direction?  Which, I’ll admit seemed rather blah.  So, I chose to go the blah route!  Only because I didn’t feel like being a narcissist today.  Perhaps, I’ll save the million pictures of me in one blog for another post!  How does that sound?

When picking the food that I wanted to show my variation of I started with something that I love.  And something that I can have 10 times and have it 10 different ways.  While the same concept is there, if you switch up one thing it changes everything about it.

I went with SALAD!  Just changing the dressing will change a salad.  What always fascinate me is I can have a salad at restaurant and I can come home and duplicate that same salad and it will taste completely different.  WHY?  Salads from restaurants always tastes so much better than a salad I make at home.  Am I missing something here?  I don’t know, but what I do know is  I still love a great salad!  Enjoy!



Veggie salad from home: I believe I was cleansing here!


Salad from home with strawberries


Chicken Caesar from local restaurant


Shrimp Salad


Salad for lunch with strawberries, tomato, and cucumber


Veggie salad from local restaurant


Salad for lunch


Grilled chicken salad from local restaurant


Salad for lunch….again!


How do you like your salads?  Perhaps you can inspire to try something new!  If so, I’ll be sure to let you know what I think after trying it.


via Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

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