What about your friends?

Over the years, I’ve learned that friends come in many forms. The reserved one, the honest one, the listener, the BFF, the acquaintance, the friend who doesn’t like any of your other friends, the annoying friend, the negative friend, the THOT friend, the fighting friend, the go-getter friend, the party friend…..you get my drift?  Then there are friends who switch friends every other month and friends who are super loyal.  As the saying goes, people enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Just like any relationship, you must put in your work.  Being a friend is two people, usually, giving 100% of their time at different moments.  I particularly don’t believe in that whole 50/50 crap.  I believe in giving 100% of myself in everything I do.

For me, I have my crew. My front row.  These are my core friends that have been there from day one.  We grew up together.  We’ve experienced highs and lows together.  From the birth of our children to relationships and marriages and breakups and just altogether craziness.  We talk every day…thanks to group chats.  My BFF and I have been friends for about 27 years and we can talk everyday or not talk for two weeks and our loyalty and love for each other will always remain.

Then there are my college friends who have become more like sisters to me. Some I talked to very often. Some not so much. We too, have experienced a lot of things together.  We’ve become confidants and lifelong friends.  My college friends are probably my friends whom have seen me grow the most. I say we are like sisters because we are able to share things with one another.  We are able to compare and contrast.  There are times when we may not always agree with one another, but we are always able to forgive and keep moving.  I think that’s the most important part of any relationship.

Then there are high school friends. Who have now become more of acquaintances. I can’t say that I’m close to any of my high school friends.  I don’t know if that is good or bad.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people who I’m cool with.  We speak when we see each other out in public.  We ask, “How  is the family doing?”  “How your momma ‘n nem?”  But over the years we’ve grown apart and we’ve gone our separate ways.  But with the help of Facebook we interact more than we typically would if we were not “friends” on Facebook.

Throughout life, we build relationships and friendship with people that we may meet along the way; lets say school, church, work, gyms, etc.  Sometimes I have to double-check myself and ask “am I being a good friend?”  As we get older, life gets in the way.  We have spouses or significant others.  We have kids.  We have to take care of home.  We have older family members and we just don’t have the time to talk on the phone all day and night like we use to.  But we should all strive to communicate with our friends perhaps on a weekly basis.  I love texting too by the way.  So I’ll easily oblige to texting any day.  Everyone needs a good friend.  You never know when you will need someone to listen to you.  Especially when life hits you and you just need someone who isn’t judgmental to vent to.  I consider myself to be a great friend.  A great listener if not anything else.  I truly value the friends that are in my life and only wish the best for my FRIENDS!

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Would you consider yourself to be a good friend?  How often do you talk to your close friends?  Could you possibly reach out more?  What would your friends say about you?


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