LuLaRoe Spritzer

Buttery soft leggings!  Where have you been all my life?  I’m finding myself wearing these LuLaRoe leggings more and more throughout the week.  I wish you could feel the softness of these leggings through this blog.  If you are not familiar with LuLaRoe it is a direct sales company and a great way to support entrepreneurs who may live within your community. 


Here I am in my Super Cute LuLaRoe leggings!

LuLaRoe’s goal when creating the line was to make conservative and comfortable clothes that would fit all shapes and sizes without being revealing.  With bold solid colors and a mix of wild patters LuLaRoe has made it so that everyone will be able to find something that they will love.  Their inventory ranges from leggings to an array of shirts, cardigans, and dresses.  Great for lounging, running errands, dressing up, work, or just a day out on the town.  It’s only a matter of finding your size and color/pattern that you like.  My personal favorites are the leggings and the Irma’s, which is a type of shirt (pictured below).


With direct selling, independent sellers sell their merchandise by doing pop-up parties, online parties, in home parties, fundraisers, etc.  Kelly Adkins (this months entrepreneur feature) fell in love with LuLaRoe when she was invited to her friends pop-up shop.  The pieces she had purchased that day left her feeling confident yet stylish.  With her confidence speaking for itself, Kelly’s husband, Chris, loved Kelly’s new attitude.  So much so that he signed them up to become independent sellers of the fabulous LuLaRoe merchandise while Kelly was sound asleep (1 brownie point for Chris).  Kelly has stated that she no longer has to buy her clothes 1-2 sizes bigger to hide those body parts that she was not fond of.


Kelly and her Husband both run their LuLaRoe business as a team and since joining LuLaRoe they have been able to connect with ladies locally and globally.  They love giving the gift of confidence to others.  Who would have known that by stepping out on faith, selling LuLaRoe has now brought their family closer.  Since starting the business they have also been able to teach their 9-year-old son Brady, about communication, accounting, and business.

To get a hold of this wonderful merchandise that is also WRINKLE FREE feel free to contact Kelly at 276-252-0154 or on Facebook.  The Facebook group is a great way to interact with the sellers, to view their merchandise, get in on some specials, and win some great prizes.  Especially if you are not local.  Please do not hesitate to join their Facebook group and to ask any questions to them that you may have.  Their Facebook is basically like an online shopping site.  If you are interested in doing an online party or having an in home party with friends be sure to tell Kelly that Toya sent you.

Do you currently have any LuLaRoe pieces?  If so, what is your favorite thing to wear out of the collection?


Here is Kelly who is wearing LuLaRoe leggings and a Carly (shirt) tied on the side.




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