How to have a Vision Board Party!

First, let me say Happy #MLKDay.  Because of his activism during the Civil Rights movement we will forever be indebted to Dr. King.  His legacy shall continue to live on as his words and messages are still necessary today.  Thank you, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King spoke about having a dream for uniting races and having equality.  When you have a vision and you are able to make a visual either by writing it, speaking it, or maybe even creating a vision board, you set yourself up for dreams to become reality.  While we may not know the exact timing we expect it, we believe it, we wait on it.  Just like Dr. King.

With the New Year only 15 day’s in, we (my girls and I) decided to have a mini vision board party.  With our supplies to create our boards and a few handfuls of chips for eating, we were ready to get started.  Our goal was to layout our vision for the year.  Using a board would give us an everyday reminder.

Here is what we used:

-Poster Boards

-Magazines (While magazines aren’t required they serve as a great tool for inspiration)



-Stickers (decoration, letters)


-Your imagination and vision for the year

We used the magazines for inspiration.  Either cutting out pictures or words that were aligned with our personal visions.  We also used markers, construction paper, stickers and lettering to help personalize our boards.  With magazines and scissors everywhere each of us took a corner of the room to give us space to work.  The end result were boards that represented our vision that we will hang in our office/rooms.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Just a representation of where you want your vision to go.

Here are our finished products:


My vision is to focus on my finances, my blog, eating better, wine of course, having more Faith, living stress free, inspiring young girls to be confident, loving my daughter by sometimes showing tough love especially during her teen years, enjoying my Journey with my man, and traveling!  “Being too loud to ignore”



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