Hair stylist are the real MVP’s and they come through time and time again.  I can walk in looking one way and walk out looking like a different person.  Besides, I love my stylist.  No matter what I ask him to do, he perfects it.

Women have been escaping to the salon for years.  From little girls to the elderly, you can find them in the salon.  My mother and grandmother are faithful every two week goers.  I generally just go once every other month or when I want a new style, color, or some excitement in my life.  Where else can you find the latest gossip, enjoy random laughs, all while being pampered.  The music radiates from one end of the salon and a TV from the other. Mean while, conversations diligently float over top of all the other noises.

At a black salon you probably need to pack a lunch because it is more than a 30 min session. You wait patiently for your turn to sit in the chair that will change your life, for that moment at least. Oh, and don’t be surprise when solicitors walk through trying to get you to buy the latest black market items. Or the “wanna be” chefs who are selling their spaghetti dinners with corn, salad, a roll, cake and drink for 8.99. It happens! Although no one loves being in the salon for hours, we expect it, we accept it.  Hey, I’m just being honest here. It is a part of the culture. The experience.

A black woman’s hair tells her story with each style being a different chapter of her life.  The texture of a black woman’s hair is a magnifying glass into her history.  A black woman’s hair showcases her personality.  Black women take pride in their hair whether it’s their’s or not.  Our hair is not as oily so, no, we do not have to wash it every day.  When I get my hair done or on any random day – NO – you can’t touch my hair.

Recently, I went in for a color change and a silk wrap.  Well, let me be clear, when I say I went in for a color change, I’m not saying I was a walk-in customer.  Because that’s not going work with my stylist.  You better have your appointment made via an app months in advance if you want to sit in his chair.  He’s that good.  So I had an appointment for a color change and silk-wrap.

img_2864  Steam dryer was getting the best of me!    img_2865

I’m an easy girl when it comes to getting my hair done.  I don’t do the extensions, sow-ins, lace fronts, etc.  I’m a pretty natural girl so a silk-wrap does me good.  They are generally quicker with little under the dryer time at the very end.  Oh, I hate that dryer!

My stylist, who I affectionately refer to as, the Hair Slayer, got me right as usual.  I know beauty salons are on every corner like Church’s these days.  But in order to slay you have to have the right stylist.  You can’t let just any and everyone get too close to them edges!

Now to decide if i want to cut my hair or keep it long.  Decisions.  Decisions.

But in the mean time, “Don’t touch my hair”!


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