Calling a thing a thing; He wished America was WHITE again!!!

Today’s daily prompt word of Evoke is the perfect word for the day especially after the disgraceful and racist comments from 45 last night.

If you are not familiar he (45) makes a statement at a White House meeting stating “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out” and “we don’t need more people from those shit hole countries.”

This immediately evokes feelings of racism towards me and my people.  It evokes hatred and heartache.  He (45) wants to erase the black culture from America.  We are a threat to him and this is the ONLY way he can try to get back to us.   When he was running for President he asked “What do black people have to lose.”  Clearly we have a lot to lose and that bothers him.  He tries to underestimate us as a people and a culture.  We are educated and intelligent.  We work hard and win at pretty much everything we do.  We have more black doctors, lawyers, politicians, nurses, electricians, educators, athletes, entrepreneurs, and students enrolling in college.  What he really wanted to do is to call out the black communities here in the United States but he didn’t have the balls for that.  So he shoots for the countries that he consider to be “shit holes” and bully them.

As a black woman, who comes from a black family, who also has white descendants in her family and probably people from those “shit hole” countries how dare I sit here and not say anything.  I don’t understand how anyone could stand for him and the things that he does.   At this point it doesn’t even have anything to do with being a Republican or a Democrat.  It’s about humanity, ethics, decency, character, humbleness, compassion, and morals.  This is not something a Christian would say.  I mean he claims he’s one but he surely doesn’t act like one.  He doesn’t want to make America Great again.  He wants to make America WHITE again!  

Yall, this dude is a BULLY!  AND he is trying to invoke us into a place of unworthiness or not feeling like we belong.  Little does he know, he is messing with the wrong group of people.  Don’t let him bully you…besides bullies are people with little self-worth.  The Bible states that our enemies will become our footstool.  This is exactly the fuel that we need to light our engines and to get us going.  Black people we have to, we must, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!  According to the New York Times, Keisha Bottoms won the race for Mayor in Atlanta this past December by only 759 votes, less than 1%.  Your vote counts and it matters.

It really MATTERS!


via Daily Prompt: Evoke


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