Parameters Podcast: The Insecure Complex – Live Event

Has anyone else turned into a podcast junkie like myself?  I have the ratchet podcast along with the documentaries; there’s also political podcast on my playlist followed by true stories, true crime, radio podcast, people talking about random things, etc..  There is literally something for everyone to choose from.  AND, if you are living under a rock or completely unsure of what a podcast is, they are typically series of digital audio that you can download and listen to.  The great thing about a podcast is that you don’t have to worry about missing a show or being readily available at 7PM every Tuesday night when the new episodes drop.  If you subscribe to a particular podcast, new episodes will automatically download into whatever audio device you are using (I use iTunes and after I listen to a podcast they’ll automatically delete too, which I think is pretty cool).  My prime time for listening to podcast is while I’m at work.  My job is sedentary, no phones–it’s just me and my wireless headphones and my computers on my desk.  Within an 8 hour day, I typically can get through more than a few episodes and sometimes an entire series.  Besides tuning out others at work and listening to something in my ears generally helps me to focus better.  I get so tired of listening to the same songs over and over and over.  With that being said, podcast has become my work BFF!  But they are also great to listen to in the car, on a plane, while cleaning your home, at the gym, or anywhere.  If you like basic talk shows and interviews then you more than likely could get down with a podcast.

The first podcast that I want to discuss, and I have MANY,  is called Parameters which debuted in April 2017.  Parameters is hosted by Steelo GQ and Black Dev; together they go on a quest to get individuals to think outside the box.  Breaking barriers one topic at a time.  Topics which are mostly centered around men and women within the dating field; but they do touch on current hot topics such as being “Woke”, and our favorite topic…………………………….Social Media.

A particular episode that I want to discuss a little further is their Live episode held in December, titled “The Insecure Complex.”  It’s a Saturday night, the bar is stocked, tickets have been bought, and it’s time for the Live show to begin.  Once they have taken care of business and paid the bills, in other words, given credit to the sponsors, both Steelo GQ and Black Dev are ready to dive into the conversation.  Sitting in front of the crowd they both begin by giving their synopsis of what is meant by Insecure and what having a Complex is.


Pictured from Left to Right: Black Dev & Steelo GQ

Personally, I believe as you mature and grow as a person that one could really care less what others have to say about them, therefore, decreasing their chances of being insecure.  At least that’s how I view it.  The question is asked if men were the reason behind women often having self imaging problems?  With the rise of social media and men “liking” certain things on their pages that perhaps we (women) are trying/influenced to be like Instagram (IG) models.  Again, I believe this is based on the person.  For me, how I’m feeling that day determines how much effort I’m putting into my make-up or what I’m wearing, etc.  But there are some things that you will never catch me in out in public because that is just not me.  For instance bedroom shoes or pajamas.  I’ve seen people at my job trot in there with bedroom shoes on.  I personally choose to carry myself at a higher standard than that.   I know that I’m not insecure but could I have a complex?  We will talk more about that later.

Many within the audience agreed that the media has a lot to do with women and the insecurities that some may harbor.  Some women just crave attention and are looking for people to be their thirst quencher.  But those who suffer with insecurity are wanting to feel accepted because they lack self love.  Two people could be insecure but handle it two different ways.  You could be the one who feels less than and vulnerable or you could be the one who tries to over compensate and feels entitled to any and everything.

During the segment responses ricochet across the room creating great discussion while providing great view points from every angle.  They touch on men being privileged and how women are sometimes privileged.  Why women often hate on other women or automatically assume that a person may not like them.  But a woman has a thing called intuition.  A woman’s intuition is usually very strong and never wrong.  We can often sense things that just seem unimaginable.  Could an insecurity be the cause of  the “She don’t like” reputation?  Certainly, it could.

What was interesting to me the most during this session, was a conversation centered around the progression of women in today’s society.  Women are transitioning from being insecure to being confident, more powerful, and even working more.  A young lady speaks into the mic and states that women are progressing at a much faster rate primarily because of the roles that are being reversed; especially in the black community.  With black men having to struggle more, being unwilling to help, and also from being incarcerated, women are having to do more around the house, more with the children, and having to put more hours in on the job.  I agree with this 100%….I wrote a blog about this…..want to read it?  Here it is, “I Have Beef With our Black Brothers.”

So it’s like a Catch 22; women are moving from being insecure to now having a complex.  A complex especially when it comes to our black brothers, work, and often times dealing with everyday life and emotions.  A persons perception can be based off of past memories/actions which can cause you to alter your decisions, your attitude, and your reactions to specific upcoming situations.  I would consider myself a very secure person but I may have a few complexes–which could be good or bad.

The live session closes with a message to focus more on ourselves and to be an individual; don’t strive to be like others, but be you.  Lets, “Spread love and compliments; this helps to eliminate insecurities and complexes” is how Steelo GQ sums it up.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this episode.  If you have not had the chance to listen, please head over to Parameters podcast, Episode 11, to hear the conversation in its entirety.  Parameters can be found on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

As they would say, be sure to like the podcast, subscribe to the podcast, follow them on Social Media, and leave reviews.  I hear their next Live show will be in February, so stay tuned for ticket information if you’re in the 540 area.

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