Kirkland’s New Cotton Trend is Humiliating….check out the pic!!

You know, I am really unsure of what type of world we live in today.  But what I do know is the fact that the chain store Kirklands, yes your favorite decorating store, has the nerve, the audacity, the bravery to come out with balls of COTTON as decorations is beyond me.img_2803-1

Let’s be clear.  This isn’t just some pillows made out of cotton.  This is cotton that looks like it’s been freshly picked out of the nearest field.  How degrading, hurtful, and humiliating.  I need to know who is over this design department.  Who is the owner and CEO of said store because I have never seen anything like this.  We don’t need any reminders of slavery, we don’t need reminders of what our ancestors had to go through.  We have constant reminders every single day.  This is just pouring salt over a wound that hasn’t even began to heal yet.

You mean to tell me you couldn’t find anything else to use for your Spring collection or whatever you want to call it.  Besides, you tell me what is cute about having cotton hung up on your wall?  Or what’s cute about having a garland of cotton crawling down the rails of your steps?  Moreover, who approved this nonsense??  The fact that you didn’t even think to perhaps color the balls, make them out of ceramic or ANYTHING proves that you really don’t give a crap about how this would make blacks feel.


I need answers and I need them fast.  Kirklands????????  Where the hell are you?  Am I the only one who feels this way?


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