Holiday Hangover

It’s the day after Christmas and I am at work but I’m not really here.  I am awake but I’m mentally asleep.  I literally rolled out of bed this morning and somehow found my way to work.  I am trying to focus but I can’t seem to get pass the heaviness of my eyelids.  I feel like a newborn baby trying to learn how to hold its head up.  My work seems foreign and it is looking at me more than I’m looking at it.  There’s a fuzziness there that I can’t seem to clear up. 

The chill in the office is unpleasant just like the brightness from the lights AND the three computer screens that sit on my desk.  I’ve tried to sip Hot Chocolate but it’s so thick I could barely get it down my throat.  I’m on a Holiday Hangover and I haven’t had a sip of wine, or any other alcohol beverages, all weekend.  YIKESSSSS

Perhaps, it’s the ripping and running from the previous day.  Or the food I felt like I had to eat at each house we visited.  Perhaps, it’s the dream of still wanting to be in bed with the blinds closed tightly and the curtains pulled close and covers over your head–Dark rooms are always best when it comes to sleeping.  Perhaps, it’s the quietness of the office from everyone else still being on vacation.

I am not really sure what it is but I do know that my proclivity of being the happy and inclusive one along with putting my best foot forward while at work is not showing up today.  However, the proclivities of rest and relaxation and sleep are very clear.  And apparently needed.  I also need a reset button–I need to start over–I need a pillow.  Is this what they call “waking up on the wrong side of the bed?”  I’m not sure, but I’m half way through the day and nothing has changed.

The look on my face still reads, DO NOT TALK TO ME, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT ENTER MY PERSONAL SPACE AND DO NOT ASK IF I HAD A GREAT HOLIDAY.  Because obviously it would have been better if I wasn’t here today.

The sweet joy I shall feel when it’s time to run out of here and go directly to bed.  Besides, jobs should always give you the day after the Holiday off….that’s when you really need it the most.  What do you think?  Can we get a petition going or something on this?


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